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Want to live in your own home? ANZ can help.

Home equity loans

Help you borrow against the market value of your home.

ANZ Personal loan

Provide a fast and convenient way to achieve your lifestyle wants and needs.

Cash Backed Short Term loan

Access for your urgent needs easier than ever.

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Refer customers to ANZ and get rewards.

Get what you want now

At ANZ, we understand it’s hard to save for the things you want. That’s why we have a number of lending products that let you get what you want sooner. Whether you need a house, a car, a personal loan, an education loan, use the equity in your residential property to purchase additional investments or purchase an investment property. Or you're an expat looking to purchase a house back home. Feel free to talk to us about getting what you want sooner.

To find out more, call the ANZ Contact centre.

All applications for credit are subject to ANZ’s credit policy. Terms and conditions available upon application. Fees and charges apply.