The ANZ Financial Benchmarking tools are simple and easy to use and are designed to assist you to benchmark the performance of your business against your industry and your peers.

ANZ Business Insights also gives you free access to real time data and online reports that can clue you in on information relevant to your business.

The ANZ Financial Benchmarking tools are as follows:

Breakeven analysis - What volume of goods or services do you need to sell to cover your costs? Use the Breakeven Analysis tool to find the breakeven point for your business.

Financial ratio calculators - Looking to identify key areas within your business that you want to improve? The ANZ Financial Ratio Calculators are based on accounting standards and can be used to analyse the key performance indicators for your business.

Three sets of useful ratios to analyse your business in terms of debt, profitability and liquidity.

Debt ratios

Profitability Ratios

Liquidity Ratios

The tools are some of many ways to analyse a business to assist any business decision.

Ratios should be considered over a period of time (say three years), in order to identify trends in the performance of the business. The information about the calculators and the results of the calculations are necessarily general and are only intended as a guide.

It is important to note the following:

The ANZ Financial Benchmarking tools are only some of many ways to analyse a business or industry to assist your planning and business decision making.

You should seek the assistance of your business advisor or accountant when either planning for or analysing your business' performance.

To the extent permitted by law, ANZ makes no warranty and has no liability, in respect of your use of and reliance on these tools.