Payment information

All payments made using an ANZ Business Credit Card Account are treated as made on the date the payment is credited to the account in the normal course of business.

Methods of payment

CardPay Direct (Direct Debit)

For ANZ Business One Accounts, when you enrol in CardPay Direct, you can:

For ANZ Corporate Card and ANZ Visa Purchasing Card Accounts, when you enrol in CardPay Direct, the full Closing Balance of your monthly Statement of Account is automatically deducted from your nominated account on the Payment Due Date. As long as you have sufficient funds in your nominated account and your cards are used in accordance with the Facility Terms and Conditions, we will ensure that you won't end up paying off more than you owe and your repayments are made on time.

BPAY (Biller Code 6007)

Contact your participating bank to make this payment from your nominated account. Payments made after 4pm (AEST) will be credited to your account on the next business day. Your reference number is the Billing Account number.

Direct Credit via EFT

Payments to your account can be made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from your nominated account. Please request your BSB and direct credit account number from the ANZ Commercial Cards Service centre on 1800 032 481. The payment should arrive and be processed by the last day of the agreed interest free period.

Pay by post

Simply complete and detach the Payment Advice slip at the bottom of your Statement of Account or Consolidated Cardholder Summary Statement and send it with your cheque (please do not send cash) to the ANZ Commercial Card Service Centre, P.O. Box 607D, Melbourne VIC 3001. Your cheque should arrive and be processed by the last day of the agreed interest free period.

Paying at any ANZ branch

Present your monthly Billing Statement with your Payment Advice slip to any ANZ branch in Australia.

Payment to Cardholder accounts

Individual Cardholders may make payments to their Cardholder Account at any ANZ branch, ANZ Night and Day Bank ATM or via the post to the ANZ Commercial Card Service Centre (P.O. Box 607D, Melbourne VIC 3001). Any Cardholder payment made to a Cardholder Account will increase the amount of available credit to that specific Cardholder Account. 

The increased available credit will remain in the Cardholder's Account until the payment amount is spent or a payment expiry date (if nominated) has passed, whichever occurs first. Any increased credit amount remaining on the Cardholder Account after the nominated expiry date has passed, will be credited to the Principal's Billing Account and made available to all Cardholders linked to the Principal's Billing Account.

Payments made at ANZ ATMs to the Cardholder Account are subject to verification by an ANZ Officer before they are available to the Cardholder. Once cash payments are credited to the account, they will be available for withdrawal the following business day.


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