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Our Strategy


Our Strategy

Our strategy is focused on improving the financial wellbeing of our customers; having the right people who listen, learn and adapt; putting the best tools and insights into their hands; and focusing on those few things that really add value to customers and doing them right the first time.

We believe that the execution of our strategy will deliver decent returns for our shareholders, while achieving a balance between growth and return, short and long-term performance and financial and social impact.

While our focus has evolved over the past four years, the strategicimperatives remain the same: creating a simpler, better balanced bank; focusing our efforts where we can carve out a winning position; building a superior everyday experience to compete in the digital age; and driving a purpose and values led transformation.

In our Australian and New Zealand businesses we are: delivering improved customer outcomes, while rationalising our products and services; developing new compelling services and distribution options; and developing new initiatives to enhance our home owner and small business owner propositions.

Within our Institutional business we are creating an integratedtrade, cash and markets experience, while developing and appropriately scaling our capabilities across geographies to deliver connectivity for our customers.

Our strategy has driven significant improvement in our business over the past four years. We have strengthened our balance sheet, improved our culture, simplified the business and rebuilt our people’s capabilities. In doing so we have reduced the costs and risks associated with running the bank.

ANZ's purpose

Our purpose is to shape a world where people and communities thrive. That is why we strive to create a balanced, sustainable economy in which everyone can take part and build a better life.

From our earliest days in the 1830s, financing commerce and facilitating trade, our focus has always been on unlocking opportunity for individuals, families, businesses and communities. With fast-changing technologies, demographic shifts, climate change and globalisation bringing both opportunities and challenges, we now have an important role to play in enabling economic participation and encouraging sustainable growth.

Our markets of operation

1.  Australia

2.  American Samoa

3.  China

4.  Cook Islands

5.  Fiji

6.  France

7.  Germany

8.  Guam

9. Hong Kong

10. India

11. Indonesia

12. Japan

13. Kiribati

14. Korea

15. Laos

16. Malaysia

17. Myanmar

18. New Caledonia

19. New Zealand

20. Papua New Guinea

21. Philippines

22. Samoa

23. Solomon Islands

24. Singapore

25. Taiwan

26. Thailand

27. Timor Leste

28. Tonga

29. United Arab Emirates

30. United Kingdom

31. United States of America

32. Vanuatu

33. Vietnam

Our history

Read about our history and the way we honour it in our Banking Museum and the ANZ Archives.