Has your ATM got the 'Jitters'?

More ANZ ATMs now have in-built skimming prevention software. You may have noticed that your card enters and exits the card reader slowly, or jumps like it has the 'jitters'. That's a sign that the ATM is helping to protect you against card skimming.

Card skimming

Card skimming is the illegal copying of a card's magnetic strip that can later be used to access your account and make unauthorised purchases using those details.

In the case of ATMs, this typically occurs when the would-be thief places a device over the card entry point that scans the cards as they enter and exit the ATM, combined with a hidden camera to record you while you enter your PIN. The scanning device and camera can be cleverly disguised so that you don't even notice the ATM has been modified.

What we are doing to help

To help prevent card skimming, more ANZ ATMs have been fitted with skimming prevention software that 'shakes' the card as it enters and exits the ATM. The shaking interrupts the scanning process and renders any skimming attempt ineffective All ANZ ATMs across Australia have skimming prevention software.

You will notice on our newer ATMs there is either a green or blue plastic cover where you insert your card. This device is installed to alter the shape of the card reader and making it difficult for the would-be thief to install a skimming device on the ATM.

ANZ are constantly looking at new technology for ensuring that customer information and cash are secure at all times.

Along with the skimming prevention software, ANZ ATMs include the use of ink-staining technology to deter theft.

Here are also a few things you can do to protect yourself when using ATMs these include:

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