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About ANZ Mobile Pay

What is ANZ Mobile Pay?

ANZ Mobile Pay is an app that lets you tap your compatible Android phone to pay with your eligible ANZ cards wherever contactless payments are accepted.

What phones can I use ANZ Mobile Pay with?

Android mobile phones with a Near Field Communication (NFC) reader and operating system 4.4 (KitKat) or above.

For security reasons ANZ Mobile Pay cannot be installed or used on a phone where the software lockdown has been overridden (commonly referred to as a ‘rooted device’).

Which cards will ANZ Mobile Pay work with?

ANZ Mobile Pay currently supports a range of ANZ Visa payWave® credit and debit cards. Please see below for a list of supported cards.

ANZ Access Visa Debit
ANZ Balance Visa
ANZ Business Visa Debit
ANZ Business One
ANZ Business One Black
ANZ Corporate Card^
ANZ First
ANZ First Low Interest
ANZ Frequent Flyer Visa
ANZ Frequent Flyer Visa Black
ANZ Frequent Flyer Visa Black (Private Bank)
ANZ Frequent Flyer Visa Gold
ANZ Frequent Flyer Visa Platinum
ANZ Frequent Flyer Visa Platinum (Private Bank)
ANZ Platinum
ANZ Rewards Visa
ANZ Rewards Visa Black
ANZ Rewards Visa Paycard
ANZ Rewards Visa Platinum
ANZ Visa Paycard
ANZ Visa Purchasing Card^

^Your company administrator is required to authorise access prior to use.

Currently, MasterCard®, ANZ Access Card, ANZ Prepaid card and ANZ Everyday Visa Debit are not supported by ANZ Mobile Pay.

How do I check if I have a compatible Android phone?

Open your phone's Settings and select 'About phone' or 'About device' from the menu (this label may vary from phone to phone).

Check the number under 'Android version' - the three numbers listed there (e.g. 5.0.2) will indicate your phone's Android version.

How do I know if my phone is NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled?

Go to your phone Settings and look for any mention of NFC options. It may be located under a different section depending on the phone type. For some phones, it can be found under "Connections" or ‘Wireless & Networks’.

What is the cost of using ANZ Mobile Pay?

ANZ Mobile Pay is free to download on Google Play. When you download and use the app you may be subject to the relevant mobile data usage plan charges.

Can I add my ANZ Corporate card to ANZ Mobile Pay?

Yes, however, to use corporate cards with ANZ Mobile Pay your company must first authorise its use with ANZ. If you are unable to add your corporate card to ANZ Mobile Pay it's likely your company has not yet authorised it to be used.

If you are having trouble adding your Corporate Card and you know your Company has authorised usage with ANZ Mobile Pay, please call us on 13 33 50 so we can double-check your details.

Will ANZ Mobile Pay work overseas?

ANZ Mobile Pay will work in some countries where contactless payments are accepted. Some payment terminals may request a signature rather than a PIN therefore we recommend you take your plastic card as a backup when you travel overseas.

Note: You may incur additional data usage charges and global roaming charges when using ANZ Mobile Pay overseas.

Is the app available in accessibility mode?

Yes, ANZ Mobile Pay is available in accessibility mode. If you need assistance using the app please call us on 13 33 50.

Getting started

Where can I download ANZ Mobile Pay?

ANZ Mobile Pay is available to download for free on Google Play.

How do I set up ANZ Mobile Pay?

  1. Download and install the app on Google Play.
  2. Open the ANZ Mobile Pay app and tap ‘Add a card’.
  3. Hold your plastic card to the back of your phone to detect the card.
  4. Enter your date of birth.
  5. Set your passcode for the ANZ Mobile Pay app.
  6. Enter the number of the phone you are registering the app on (if your number has changed recently you will need to update it in ANZ Internet Banking or by calling 13 33 50).
  7. Choose one of three payment settings: Wake to Pay, Launch to Pay or Passcode to Pay.

Note: You will need a strong data or wifi connection to set up ANZ Mobile Pay. ANZ needs to check your registration details with ANZ's systems and send you a SMS code for verification purposes. You will also need an Australian mobile number.

What are the key differences between 'Wake to Pay', 'Launch to Pay' and 'Passcode to Pay' modes?

ANZ Mobile Pay lets you choose one of three ways to pay:

Wake to Pay
Simply wake your phone and tap it on a contactless terminal. You don't even need to unlock your phone - your screen just needs to be turned on*.

*For some phones, due to carrier specific software settings which override the app, you may need to unlock your phone to make payments.

Launch to Pay
Launch ANZ Mobile Pay. When you see the 'Ready to pay!' banner, simply tap your phone on a terminal.

Passcode to Pay
Launch ANZ Mobile Pay. You'll be prompted to enter your ANZ Mobile Pay passcode. When you see the 'Ready to pay!' banner, simply tap your phone on a terminal.

Note: Your chosen payment setting applies to all cards and transactions. You can however, change your payment setting anytime. Just launch the app and select 'Manage Cards' from the menu. Once the list of options appears, choose 'Change how you pay' and select your preferred option.

Why can't I find ANZ Mobile Pay in Google Play?

Google Play automatically filters out apps that are not compatible with your phone. For example, you may not have Android Kitkat 4.4 (or higher) installed on your phone.

Customers must also be located in Australia to download the app on Google Play.

I'm having issues adding a card to ANZ Mobile Pay. Can you help me?

To add a card to ANZ Mobile Pay, hold your ANZ Visa card to the back of your phone.

You may need to hold the card in different positions at the back of the phone to find the location of your NFC reader – the reader’s position varies across device manufacturers.  Sometimes you may receive ‘Keep trying’ message - this means you have found the ‘sweet spot’ but the phone doesn’t have all the information about the card. You need to continue holding your card at that position until a success message is displayed.

The construction material used in your card's 'Tap and Pay' antenna can affect the strength of its signal. If you've got an older or slightly damaged card, you may need to order a replacement.

Phone cases can also affect your phone's ability to read your card. If you're having trouble adding a card, try removing your phone case.

Still having trouble adding a card? Unfortunately the NFC reader on some phones is less sensitive, and therefore won’t detect your card straight away.
Check out our tips below for selected handsets.

Can I register for ANZ Mobile Pay on multiple phones?

Yes. You can install the app on your other eligible Android phones, but you can only have a card on one phone at a time. So:

I have a new phone, Am I able to transfer my ANZ Mobile Pay details over from my old phone?

If you've kept your old phone number, simply go to Google Play and install ANZ Mobile Pay on your new phone. You'll need to complete the registration process and add your cards again.

If you've got a new phone number, you can update it via ANZ Internet Banking or call us on 13 33 50 to update your details.

You can then set up ANZ Mobile Pay on your new phone by going through the registration process and adding all your cards to the new phone.

Your card that is added to the new phone will automatically be removed from the old phone. Cards you do not add on the new phone will remain operational on your old phone.

If you are changing or upgrading your phone and intend to dispose of the old phone,  remove your cards from ANZ Mobile Pay and uninstall the app. This will prevent any unintended access to your accounts.

Do I have to make ANZ Mobile Pay the default 'Tap and Pay' app on my phone?

If ANZ is not set as the default 'Tap and Pay' app you will presented with a prompt screen each time you launch ANZ Mobile Pay.

You will need to select ANZ Mobile Pay as your default 'Tap and Pay' app in order to make payments. If you don’t, payments will be made by your default ‘Tap and Pay’ app even when ANZ Mobile Pay is open.

Using ANZ Mobile Pay

How do I make a payment?

Once your phone is ready, simply tap it on the contactless terminal. If you have chosen the Launch to Pay or Passcode to Pay setting, you’ll need to launch your ANZ Mobile app first (and enter your ANZ Mobile Pay passcode for Passcode to Pay) before you pay. Ensure you check the terminal to confirm your payment is successful.

ANZ Mobile Pay may not work when the Android Phone is not within range of a cellular or wireless internet connection.

Note: if you're spending more than $100 in a single transaction, the contactless terminal will ask you to enter your card's PIN. This PIN is the four-digit number associated with the card you're paying with, and not the passcode you've set for ANZ Mobile Pay.

Some payment terminals do not accept contactless payments. In this case, please use your plastic card to insert into the terminal.

The app says that I 'just tapped $----' but the payment terminal declined the transaction. Has my account been debited?

No.  Ensure that you always check the terminal for the status of your payment - it will give you a definitive answer. If you're still not sure, have a look at your transaction history in ANZ goMoney or via Internet Banking (note that some transactions may take up to 24 hours to appear).

Why does the terminal say “Bad read” or “Try again” when I make a payment?

This can happen when the terminal has not successfully detected your phone. Please try tapping again.

The NFC reader in your phone needs to be held directly over the terminal screen. Make sure you hold your phone still and for a few seconds longer than you would with your plastic card, even if the phone has vibrated. Always check the terminal to see if the payment has been approved.

Why do I keep getting a 'Something went wrong' error?

Many apps (including ANZ Mobile Pay) can encounter errors/crashes for a number of reasons. If you have issues that aren’t fixed by closing and restarting the app, then try turning your phone off and restarting. You can also try closing down other apps running in the background to free up memory and resources.

Can I use ANZ Mobile Pay at contactless enabled ANZ ATMs?

Yes, you can use ANZ Mobile Pay instead of your physical card at contactless enabled ANZ ATMs. Simply launch ANZ Mobile Pay to select the card you wish to use. Place your phone over the Tap & PIN label and enter your card PIN to access ANZ contactless ATM functions.

Note: Tap & PIN is currently available for Australian issued Visa cards at supported ANZ contactless ATMs.  Ensure the correct card is selected before you Tap and enter your PIN.

Managing your card

How do I change my default card for ANZ Mobile Pay transactions?

In ANZ Mobile Pay your active card will be highlighted in your card list. To change the active card, simply open the app and scroll through the carousel to select a card.

For Wake to Pay, the last card used will remain the active card unless changed. For Launch to Pay and Passcode to Pay, the active card is indicated by a tick.

Can I access my transaction history and balances in ANZ Mobile Pay?

Not at this time. For this capability you will need to log-in to ANZ Internet Banking or ANZ goMoney®.

Will my new/replacement card details automatically update in ANZ Mobile Pay?

No. When you receive a new card in the mail, activate it, then add it to ANZ Mobile Pay from the 'Manage cards' section of the app. Then choose 'Add a card' and follow the on-screen prompts.

If you've ordered a replacement card, first remove the old card from ANZ Mobile Pay.

If you've received a new card to replace an expiring one or applied for a brand new card, simply activate your new card, then add it to ANZ Mobile Pay. Your expiring card will automatically be replaced by the new card.

How do I remove a card?

Launch the app and select 'Manage Cards' from the menu. Then choose 'Remove cards' and follow the on-screen prompts.

Note: If you remove the active card from ANZ Mobile Pay you will need to select a new active card before you can use the app to make payments.

How to I remove or deactivate ANZ Mobile Pay?

Simply launch the app and select 'Manage Cards' from the menu. Then choose 'Remove cards' and follow the on-screen prompts to remove all your cards.

Next, close the app and open Google Play. Once Google Play is open, search for ANZ Mobile Pay.

When the results appear, just tap on ANZ Mobile Pay, you should see a note that says it's currently "installed".

From the ANZ Mobile Pay page you will see an Uninstall button. Tap this and follow the on-screen prompts.

Can I still use ANZ Mobile Pay if I report my card as lost or stolen?

When you call ANZ to report your physical card as lost or stolen, we will block that physical card. Any transactions attempted with that card on ANZ Mobile Pay will be declined by the payment terminal. To avoid confusion, we recommend you remove the digital card from your ANZ Mobile Pay app and add the replacement card when you receive it.

Secure payments

Is ANZ Mobile Pay secure?

Yes. ANZ Mobile Pay is secure for a number of reasons:

What should I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

Call us right away, we’re available 24/7. Inform us of the phone loss and request we remove all your cards from your ANZ Mobile Pay.

From within Australia call 1800 033 844 and from overseas call +61 3 9683 7043 (to avoid charges please contact the local operator in the country you are in, from a landline, and request to make a reverse charge call to this number)

If you have found the phone previously reported to ANZ as lost / stolen, you will need to add your cards back to ANZ Mobile Pay before using the app to pay. If you had reported losing your physical cards as well as your phone, please wait for your replacement cards. After receiving your physical cards, you can add them to ANZ Mobile Pay.

Why is ANZ Mobile Pay locked?

ANZ Mobile Pay can be locked when you exceed the maximum number of Passcode attempts.

To unlock your ANZ Mobile Pay app, please call us on 13 33 50 and we’ll get you back up and running.

Terms and conditions apply to the use of ANZ Mobile Pay (PDF 220kB).

Terms and conditions apply to the use of ANZ goMoney. ANZ goMoney and goMoney are registered trademarks of ANZ.

Android, Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc..


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