We're committed to making your banking simpler and less complicated. At every ANZ branch in Australia you'll find an ANZ Personal Banker who can provide a complimentary service called an A-Z Review®, which is a conversation where we'll aim to understand what is going on in your world so we can tailor your banking to suit your needs.

We also provide easy access to a range of specialists through every branch, including Retirement Banking Specialists, Financial Planners*, Home and Investment Lending Managers and Small Business Specialists.To arrange for your complimentary A-Z Review® or to speak to one of our specialists, drop in or call your local ANZ branch today to make an appointment.

Standard branch hours

Standard ANZ branch opening hours are Monday to Thursday 9.30am - 4pm and Friday 9.30am - 5pm.

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Call 13 13 14 for more information about branch hours.

Weekend trading

Some ANZ branches are open on weekends

Finding a BSB number

To find a BSB number:

Coin counting machines

Whether you’re a small business owner or emptying the old piggy-bank, coin counting machines are available for use at several ANZ branch locations at no cost to all ANZ customers.

Coin counting machines are available in the branches below:
Fremantle, WA
Royal Bank, VIC
420 St Kilda Rd, VIC
Tuggerah, NSW
York and Market St, NSW
Docklands, VIC

*ANZ Financial Planners are representatives of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, ABN 11 005 357 522, the holder of an Australian Financial Services licence.