We're committed to helping you bank simply and safely. That's why with ANZ Shield, you now have the option to add an extra layer of security to your ANZ Internet Banking.

ANZ Shield is a free security app for Android and iPhone. It allows you to generate a one time passcode - known as a Shield Code - to authenticate certain ANZ Internet Banking payments and activities.

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How do I register for ANZ Shield?

Existing ANZ Internet Banking customers:

  • Log on to ANZ Internet Banking.
  • Navigate to the 'Update Details' tab in ANZ Internet Banking.
  • Click the 'ANZ Shield' link to begin registration.
  • You'll be guided step-by-step through the simple registration process.
  • To protect the security of your ANZ Internet Banking registration, you'll be asked to answer your Challenge Questions when registering for ANZ Shield.

New ANZ Internet Banking customers:

  • If you don't currently have ANZ Internet Banking, you can apply for ANZ Shield when you're completing your ANZ Internet Banking registration.

Your phone or tablet requires network connectivity and push notifications enabled to complete the ANZ Shield registration process.


Who can use ANZ Shield?

You're eligible to register for ANZ Shield if you:

  • Are a personal or business customer using ANZ Internet Banking
  • Have an iPhone running iOS 5.0 or above
  • Have an Android phone running Android 2.2 (Froyo) or above

If you're a business customer using ANZ Internet Banking for Business, you will continue to use your existing ANZ Security Device which already provides you with an additional layer of security. ANZ Shield is available for use with ANZ Internet Banking only.

How do I generate a Shield Code?

Open the ANZ Shield app from your registered phone, and then enter your four digit ANZ Shield PIN to automatically generate a unique six digit Shield Code. You'll only need to generate a Shield Code if you are prompted to do so during an ANZ Internet Banking payment or activity.

Please note that a Shield Code is different to a Sync Code. If you are being asked to enter a Sync Code into the ANZ Shield app, you will need to log into ANZ Internet Banking and complete the registration process to generate a Sync Code.

Want to find out more about ANZ Shield? Watch the ANZ Shield Introduction Video

Get instant access to higher Pay Anyone limits with ANZ Shield

Pay Anyone is an easy way to transfer money from your account to someone else’s account. By registering for ANZ Shield you will have the flexibility to choose from the full range of Pay Anyone daily limits available for your ANZ Internet Banking registration type.

To see the daily Pay Anyone limits available to you, you can log into ANZ Internet Banking. Click on 'Update Details' then 'Change Pay Anyone access'. The daily Pay Anyone limits available to you will be displayed. If you're not yet registered for ANZ Shield, you'll be given the option to register at this point giving you instant access to the full range of daily limits.

Reset your ANZ Internet Banking password online with ANZ Shield

Most of us will forget a password at some time in our lives. Take the hassle out of forgetting your ANZ Internet Banking password in the future by registering for ANZ Shield today.

If you forget your ANZ Internet Banking password and you are registered for ANZ Shield, you may be able to reset your password online. Just click on 'I forgot my password' on the 'Log on to ANZ Internet Banking' page and follow the prompts. If you're eligible, you'll be stepped through the simple process.

If you're trying to log on to ANZ Internet Banking and you enter your password incorrectly, your customer registration number will be suspended after three incorrect attempts. In this case, if you're eligible to reset online you'll automatically be presented with that option.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit the ANZ Shield FAQs page for more information.