If you'd like the security of a fixed rate home loan, and the benefits of a variable loan, you'll get the best of both with the ANZ Split Loan option. You can also enjoy the benefits of two different types of variable rate loans or two different types of fixed rate loans - it is up to you! You can split your loan into as many products as you want, in order to best suit your needs.

How can I split my loan and what does this mean?

To buy your home you'll need to borrow a certain amount of money. You can borrow some of that money on a fixed interest rate and some on a variable interest rate. Of course, you can choose how much you allocate to each, depending on your circumstances. You can also opt to split your loan into two variable rate products, such as ANZ Standard Variable Rate Home Loan and ANZ Simplicity PLUS home loan, or even two ANZ Fixed Rate Loans. It's up to you! At ANZ we allow you to split between any of our loan types, giving you ultimate flexibility.

For instance, imagine you need to borrow $200,000. You want repayment certainty, but you also want to be able to pay off more than your scheduled payments, or put additional funds into your 100% Mortgage Offset Account.

One option might be to take $150,000 at a fixed rate and $50,000 at a variable rate. This variable rate portion could be ANZ Simplicity PLUS or ANZ Standard Variable Rate. The choice is yours.

When you start paying off your loan, you will know exactly the amount you need to pay into your fixed rate loan and you can also pay as much as you like into your variable rate loan (although you must meet the minimum monthly payments).

100% mortgage offset account
You can link one of the loans (if eligible2) to ANZ One - the transaction account that can help you pay off your home sooner with 100% mortgage offset, but allows you to access cleared funds at any time.
Benefits of a split loan at a glance
  • Competitive interest rates over a variety of fixed and variable loan types.
  • Flexibility - you can choose which portion you would like to fix and which portion you would like to be on variable terms.
  • You can choose loan options that suit your needs.
  • Fixed rate portion offers rate and repayment security and peace of mind.
  • The variable rate gives you repayment flexibility.
  • The ability to link one of the loans (if eligible) to a 100% mortgage offset2 account.

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1. Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply. Please refer to the ANZ Personal Banking General Fees and Charges (PDF 116kB).

2. Available with an ANZ One bank account. Terms and Conditions, fees and charges may apply. For more information please refer to ANZ Personal Banking General Fees and Charges (PDF 116kB).

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