Your first home loan

A home loan is likely to be a 25 to 30 year commitment, so it is not a decision to be taken lightly. Before choosing your first home loan, you'll want to consider a range of things.

What to look for in your first home loan

Some features you may want to consider when selecting your first home loan are:

ANZ Home Loan Scenario Calculator

Before you decide on which loan would best suit your needs, use the ANZ Home Loan Scenario Calculator to find out how different scenarios can affect the cost and duration of your home loan, such as:

Variable loans
Variable loans have an interest rate that fluctuates throughout the loan term. The ANZ Standard Variable Home Loan has features that make paying off your home loan as easy and flexible as possible.
Basic variable loans
You also have the option of a 'no frills' variable loan. This is a loan that has a lower interest rate, and offers a basic range of loan features. The ANZ Simplicity PLUS Home Loan is a 'no frills' loan, where you don't pay for extra features you don't require. Simplicity PLUS is not currently available for residential investment lending.
Fixed loans
Fixed rate loans have interest rates that are fixed for a certain period during the term of the loan. The ANZ Fixed Home Loan offers you the certainty of knowing what your repayments are and could safeguard you against increasing interest rates.
Splitting your loan
Splitting your loans gives you flexibility as you can combine a variable and fixed loan, or two variables or two fixed loans, it's up to you! This means you get the benefits of both types of loan. At ANZ we allow you to split our home loan or residential investment loan products.

Compare different mortgage rates

The ANZ Comparison Rate Calculator will help you work out the comparison rate of ANZ loans so you can compare them against loans from other financial institutions.

Need help choosing your first home loan?

Use the ANZ Home Loan selector to help you find an ANZ home loan to suit your needs.

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