Need a hand to complete
your home loan documents?

3 Steps to completing your Home Loan documents

To begin, read all documents provided to you in conjunction with your ANZ Consumer Lending Terms and Conditions.

When you have read all documents and are ready to begin, refer to our quick guides and videos to walk you through each document and show you where to sign. Some documents can now be electronically signed.

Once you have signed your home loan documents, return all documents to your lender. Ensure you keep a copy of each document for your own records.
Check our quick guides and videos
Important information
We recommend you read the Consumer Lending Terms and Conditions provided with your documents prior to signing any documentation. This booklet is also available on or can be requested by calling 13 13 14.

We recommend that you speak to your Lender if you need any further clarification on any of the documents provided. This information is intended as a guide only; it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice.

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