ANZ is a recognized leader in providing Trade and Supply Chain solutions. Our extensive experience and a wide network of ANZ offices and business partners in 34 markets worldwide help us provide our customers with customized solutions. Our long-term AA credit rating, "best in market" offerings and superior trade finance solutions provide a unique trade finance experience to our customer.

ANZ's international trade finance solutions combined with extensive global presence and experience deliver an ideal cross-border trade service offering. Our team of trade specialists customise solutions to meet our  customers' trade banking needs and ensure smooth execution of transactions. Our extensive knowledge in the markets, where we are present, coupled with our focus on domestic and cross border trade requirements and smooth transaction execution adds value to our customers' businesses in an increasingly competitive and dynamic global trade environment.

ANZ's superior service quality together with our comprehensive suite of trade finance products makes us a preferred trade bank for our customers.

Our trade finance solutions include:


We offer comprehensive solutions to our customers in meeting their import financing needs. Our strong global presence enables us to offer unique end-to-end trade solutions by handling both sides of the transaction and being a one stop bank for both the importer and exporter.


We offer customised export trade finance solutions (both in foreign currency and local currency) to help manage our customers' business cash flows optimally and effectively. Our export solutions include -

We offer guarantee facilities in Myanmar and globally to meet the financial and performance obligations of our customers. Given our credit rating and being a leading global trade bank, our guarantees serve as an effective risk management tool to our customers and are well accepted by corporate and financial institutions globally. We offer to issue the following types of guarantees:

Trade Finance Loans

We  provide you funding to enable you to bridge the gap in your working capital. Whether you are engaging in domestic or cross border trade, your business can benefit from the price competitiveness of a Trade Finance Loan, which is an advance of funds that enables both buyers and sellers to finance their genuine trade commitments on a transactional basis:

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