Repair a transaction

ANZ Internet Banking for Business customers can easily repair a transaction that has been sent back by an Authoriser or Administrator.

  • Go to the "Payments" menu.
  • Select "Repair payments/transfers".

This will display a summary page, containing the list of payments/transfers, which are waiting to be repaired.

Step 1 - Select the relevant transaction and click "Repair"
  • Select the relevant payment/transfer, using the radio buttons under the "Select" column.
  • Select "Repair".
Step 2 - Make required changes to the transaction

Depending on the type of transaction being repaired, the relevant pages with the pre-populated transaction details will be displayed.

  • Make necessary changes to the transfer/payment as required.
  • Make sure that the reason for repair has been addressed to rectify the issue.
Step 3 - Review your information

Review all your information to ensure it is correct. If information is incorrect it may result in an unsuccessful transfer or the wrong account receiving funds.

  • If you notice mistakes select "Back" and re-enter the correct details following steps 1-3.
Step 4 - Confirm your payment/transfer
  • When you are happy with the information entered select "Confirm". This will complete the transfer and a confirmation message will display.

ANZ Internet Banking for Business Operators can select "Request authorisation" to submit the transfer to the relevant Authoriser or Administrator for approval.

Step 5 - View your lodgement receipt
  • Your lodgement receipt is displayed to confirm that your transaction has been submitted successfully.
  • This does not mean the transaction will be processed successfully as that is dependent on the details you have entered being accurate and sufficient available funds being in the account from which the payment is to be made.
  • Please make a note of the receipt number and lodgement number for your own records.

Need more help?

Use our faqs to find out more about repairing a transaction.

Who can send transactions for repair?

The Administrators and Authorisers with the correct access to the business accounts will receive payments/transfers for authorisation.

  • If a payment/transfer requires further editing the Authoriser/Administrator sends it back for repair.
What is the difference between the terms Administrator and Authoriser?

An authoriser is the person who has authority to make payments on the account.

  • Administrators can complete the functions of an Authoriser but are also able to set up Operators.
What happens to payments awaiting authorisation?

Payments awaiting authorisation sit in a "For approval" section in "Authorise payments/transfers" under the "Payments" menu until they reach the payment expiry period as selected on the registration form.

  • This period, between seven and 31 days, determines the amount of time a payment can stay unauthorised before expiring.
Can errors in payments be fixed after they're sent for authorisation?

Yes. An Administrator or Authoriser can choose to "Repair" or "Reject" a payment. Any payment that has been sent for repair will appear in the repair queue and can be corrected and resubmitted.

What does a status of "expired" mean for a payment/transfer?

Payments can expire in one of the two ways:

  • If the payment was created as an immediate payment and was not fully authorised within the payment authorisation period.
  • If the payment was created as a scheduled payment (future dated) and was not authorised by the cut-off time the previous bank business day by all required parties.

If the status shows that the payment has expired, the same payment cannot be authorised again. A new payment needs to be set up and authorised within the authorisation period.

What does a status of "rejected" mean?

The payments has been rejected by one of the Authorisers.

  • This means that it cannot be authorised, re-submitted or sent for repair.
  • This payment will need to be created again.
If a payment is sent through for authorisation with an error, can it be fixed?

Yes. An Administrator or Authoriser can choose to "Repair" or "Reject" a payment.

  • Any payment that has been sent for repair will appear in the repair queue and can be corrected and resubmitted for authorisation.
I am entering the reason for repair, but it does not let me proceed from here. Why?

If the repair reason is provided in an invalid format, you won't be able to proceed.

Please make sure that the repair reason is:

  • a maximum of 25 characters in length
  • contains only letters, numbers, hyphens or spaces
  • does not include any special characters (For example. @, $,*, %, etc.).
What information can I find on the "Repair payments/transfers" page?

The "Repair payments/transfers" page contains the list of payments/transfers sent for repair by the Authorisers. The following information for each payment can be obtained from this page:

  • Payment type: Pay Anyone, Pay BPAY® bills etc
  • From account: the account to be debited for the payment
  • To account: the recipient of the payment or transfer
  • Payment amount: in the format 0.00
  • Repair reason: the error in the transaction should be outlined here
  • Sent for repair by: the name of the person who sent the item for repair
  • The lodgement number for the transaction.
I have repaired the transaction and cannot see it in the list anymore. Why?

Once the transaction is repaired and re-submitted for authorisation, it will immediately move to the "Authorise payments/transfers" page for the Authorisers and Administrators to authorise it.

Important notes
  • Pending payments/transfers will expire if not approved by the appropriate number of Authorisers within the approved payment authorisation period.
  • You must ensure that the details provided by you are correct or the payment/transfer may be unsuccessful or may be paid to an unintended account. We do not check that the details provided are correct.
  • Pay Anyone/payroll transactions/bill payments requested before 6.00pm Melbourne time on a bank business day will be processed to the account on the same day.
  • Transactions requested after this time may be processed on the following bank business day.
  • The time that it takes for the recipient's account to be credited will depend on the policy and systems of their bank.
  • Immediate funds transfers submitted before 10.00pm Melbourne time on a bank business day are processed on that day. Transfers requested after this time may be processed on the next bank business day.
  • You cannot delete or cancel an immediate transfer/payment or a transfer/payment to be processed today after it is fully authorised.
  • Future dated or recurring transfers/payments require cleared funds in the account at 12.00am Melbourne time on the day before the scheduled transfer/payment date or the transfer/payment will be unsuccessful.

Need more help?

For further assistance please call the ANZ Internet Banking team on 13 33 50 (International callers: +61 3 9683 8833) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.