It's easy to start using
ANZ goMoney™...
anyone can do it

Signing up to get started with ANZ goMoney™ is simple.

If you are already an ANZ customer, all you need is an active mobile phone with our selected mobile network operators. Call our Contact Centre or go to your local branch and you can be registered for ANZ goMoney™ in just a few minutes.

If you are new to banking with ANZ, speak with an ANZ Sales Agent in your area to get your own ANZ bank account and be registered for ANZ goMoney™. All you need is an active mobile phone with our selected operators and some identification documents.

To find out when Sales Agents are next in your area, call our Contact Centre.

Grow your business

You will see an increase in traffic through the door as more customers come in to redeem Send Money payments and make cash deposits, withdrawals or purchases.

Keep your business mobile

Whether at your premises or out at markets, you can keep your business on the go as ANZ goMoney™ is entirely mobile. Mobile coverage is all you need to run your ANZ goMoney™ business.

Keep your money safe

Use ANZ goMoney™ to pay your suppliers, it's simple and reduces the need for cash-on-hand. Together with customers making cash withdrawals, having fewer cash transactions reduces the risk in having excess cash on your premises.

Enjoy the ANZ goMoney™ features

Just as ANZ goMoney™ adds great value for your customers, you can manage your business and money better with Pay Bills and use Send Money payments to take care of your suppliers and staff wages. You will have access to all of the features of ANZ goMoney™.

On-site training

To get you going as an ANZ goMoney™ Merchant you will get personalised training at your premises and an easy-to-understand Quick Reference Guide. You will also get regular visits from your ANZ Relationship Manager and telephone support through your local Contact Centres.

Ongoing support

Our official ANZ signage, brochures and posters provided to you when you sign up will help promote your business as an ANZ goMoney™ Merchant. We will also engage with ANZ Sales Agents to attract and sign up new ANZ goMoney™ customers in your area.

Fees and charges

While ANZ goMoney™ is free to join, transaction fees and charges may apply, and if a transaction fee is payable, the amount will be displayed on the screen prior to you confirming the transaction. You may also earn commission for completing some transactions for customers. For further details on the ANZ goMoney™ Merchant charges and commissions, ask your ANZ Relationship Manager.

Banking benefits for your staff

Your staff will get an ANZ bank account and access to the range of features available from ANZ goMoney™.

All staff are eligible

The ANZ goMoney™ sign up process is simple and will set up eligible staff members to receive their wages securely, even if they don't have an existing bank account or bank with ANZ. All they need is a mobile phone with our selected mobile networks and some identification documents.

On-site training

Your ANZ Relationship Manager will conduct on-site training for you and your staff to ensure everyone is familiar with and comfortable to use ANZ goMoney™. Each staff member will also get an ANZ goMoney™ Starter Kit, providing the terms and conditions of use and a Pocket Guide to assist them in using ANZ goMoney™.