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Rural products and services

ANZ Fiji offers two specific Rural Banking products, both designed to make banking affordable and convenient for our rural customers who would otherwise have no access to financial services.

ANZ Rural Banking Everyday Account

This account is ideal for individuals, groups, mataqalis, and co-operatives that have a need to make regular deposits and regular withdrawals.

You can withdraw as often as you like and will still only pay $3 per month as an account maintenance fee. The account can be operated with a passbook or you can receive regular statements.

ANZ Rural Banking Savings Account

This product has been designed for those individuals, groups, mataqalis, and co-operatives that want to save for a specific purpose or want to save for unexpected events.

It is ideal for regular deposits but infrequent withdrawals.

There is no monthly account maintenance fee however, a $3 withdrawal fee is charged each time you take money from the account.

All of ANZ's other financial products and services are also available to our rural customers.

Terms and conditions available upon request. Fees and charges apply.