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Frequently asked questions

A face-to-face, regular mobile banking service offered by ANZ for rural and remote villages of Viti Levu, Vanua Levu and selected other islands.

There will be local staff supporting you every step of the way and all information will be available in Fijian, Hindustani and English.

The mobile banking units are completely self-sufficient and do not require electricity or telephones to operate.

Banking provides you with a safe place to save your money. ANZ also has products and services that support you in achieving your financial goals. ANZ is the only bank offering a comprehensive service in rural and remote Fiji. We are committed to ensuring that you and your community have the same opportunities to bank as others.

It will enable communities to save, invest and grow. ANZ will also be visiting local schools regularly to ensure good savings habits are established in Fiji's young people.

Your money will still be safe even if in the unfortunate case that we are held up and robbed.

You will be given the contact details of an ANZ staff member who will be available to help you manage your savings and borrowings.

Two ANZ staff members will provide the banking services. A UNDP team will train you on how to better manage your money.

ANZ will work hard to ensure that you can make an informed choice on what type of bank account is right for you, and all other information relating to you and your money. UNDP will carry out financial education training all villages and settlements. The training will be for everyone: the men, the women, youth and school children. They will teach you to understand your financial situation, why and how to save, how to budget your family income and how to invest your money for buying a house, marriage, schooling or for retirement.

The ANZ Rural Banking Everyday account has a $3 monthly account service fee and no other transaction costs, so you can withdraw as often as you like and still only pay $3 each month. The ANZ Rural Banking Savings account has no monthly account service fee but has a withdrawal fee of $3 for each time you withdraw - this is to encourage you to save your money.

ANZ will use six four-wheel drive trucks as ANZ mobile bank branches on Viti and Vanua Levu, and boats and planes to reach outlying islands. ANZ staff will travel in separate vehicles.

Most villages, settlements and towns will be visited fortnightly. Larger towns such as Korovou and Navua will have a weekly service and the smaller villages and settlements may have a monthly service.

The ANZ Rural Banking Everyday account and the ANZ Rural Banking Savings account can only be opened at the mobile banking units. They cannot be opened at our urban branches.

All you need to do is present your passbook to the ANZ staff member visiting your community. If you are travelling you can withdraw or deposit funds at any of our urban ANZ branches.

You can withdraw your money as often as you like. If you have an ANZ Rural Banking Savings account you will pay $3 each time you withdraw. If you have an ANZ Rural Banking Everyday account you can withdraw your cash as often as you like at no cost.

ANZ will be distributing a schedule as soon as possible. This will enable you to plan your banking.

 Yes. The Reserve Bank of Fiji regulates ANZ and there are strict requirements to ensure that your money is safe at all times.

NZ staff will always travel separately to the mobile banking vehicles. There will be a fleet of 4x4 vehicles that ANZ staff will use.