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What is ANZ Internet Banking for Business?

ANZ Internet Banking for Business is a simple and convenient way to get more out of your business online. You receive the same great features and benefits of ANZ Internet Banking plus additional features that have been designed with your business in mind.

I'd prefer to use ANZ Internet Banking. Are there any features in ANZ Internet Banking that are available to business customers?

Yes. ANZ Internet Banking has some great features that may suit your business.

Do I need to register for ANZ Internet Banking for Business if I am already registered for ANZ Internet Banking?

Yes. To register simply download the registration form, read the terms and conditions, print and complete the registration form. Fax your completed form to 1800 304 131 or send it to Reply Paid 84562 Richmond East VIC 3121.

Do I need any special software or hardware to access ANZ Internet Banking for Business?

To access ANZ Internet Banking for Business we recommend that you have:

  • A PC with a Pentium processor.
  • Windows® 95, Windows® 98, Windows® 2000 or NT operating system, XP, Windows® 2003.
  • 32 Mb RAM.
  • Web browser software:
  • Personal Computer: Internet Explorer® version 5.5 and above, Netscape® version 7.0 and Firefox®.
  • Macintosh: SafariTM version 1.2.
  • A modem to connect to the Internet (28.8Kbps)
  • A connection to an Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Will ANZ Internet Banking for Business run on an Apple® or other non Windows® Operating Systems?

Yes. ANZ Internet Banking for Business supports the Apple® Operating System when used in conjunction with a SafariTM 1.2. The main criteria for being able to run ANZ Internet Banking for Business on another non Windows® Operating System is that you have a particular version of Netscape®, Internet Explorer® or Firefox®. Please check whether you have the correct versions under Software requirements and settings in ANZ Internet Banking for Business.