Digital certificates can only be effective enablers of trade when all parties to a transaction have confidence in the certification authority that issued the digital certificate. Trade is conducted globally and there will be times where a relying party will not be familiar with a certification authority and therefore may not feel confident in relying on a digital certificate they have issued.

To overcome this issue, certification authorities may be certified by a higher level certification authority that is more widely known and trusted. This is known as a trust hierarchy and at the top of a hierarchy is the root certification authority, sometimes also referred to as a trust anchor.

The IdenTrustâ„¢ scheme is an example of a trust hierarchy. The IdenTrustâ„¢ organisation acts as a RCA and uses its own-signed digital certificate to certify a participating financial institution, which acts as certification authority. By doing this IdenTrust also states that they have qualified to the standards of the scheme.

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