Visa IntelliLink® Spend Management


Visa IntelliLink® Spend Management is a cloud-based information and expense management solution designed for organisations of all sizes. It allows administrators and cardholders to effectively manage business spending, implement control through automated workflows and gain spend insights through a suite of tailored reporting.

VISA IntelliLink Features
Your Needs Our solution
Spend Management Visa IntelliLink Spend Management provides the ability for customers to streamline their expenditure, reconciliation, approval and payments channels. Combined with increased visibility of company expenditure, it helps drive compliance policy and reduce the risk of fraud.
Integration Capture and consolidate card and non-card expenditure data to better understand the spend behaviours across your organisation. Seamless integration with enterprise reporting systems helps strengthen control, creates visibility of company expenditure, and provides critical data to assist supplier negotiations. Additionally, improves cash flow forecasting, and supports GST and FBT claims.
Convenience With Visa IntelliLink Spend Management you have a full-featured, system agnostic expenditure management platform that supports dual-currency statements, is adaptable to local tax laws and offers support across many languages.
Efficiency Transform manual processes and avoid duplicate transactions by embedding implementable policies, multi-tiered approval workflows and auto-coding to help streamline your organisations expenditure, reconciliation and payment.
Cost Savings Improves profitability by minimising labour-intensive tasks such as expenditure coding. Facilitates reconciliation with receipt imaging, expenditure analysis insights and policy control management to allow employees to focus on value adding strategic activities.
Optimised Liquidity Optimise working capital by understanding your organisations spending behaviours, which can help to negotiate better terms with suppliers and leverage the reporting capabilities to manage cash flow effectively.
Process Automation Leverage the capabilities of Visa IntelliLink Spend Management to help customise the management of travel and procurement expenditure, by automating reconciliation, monitoring, reporting and payment.
Peace of mind Visa IntelliLink Spend Management enables monitoring of expenditure at a vendor level through a suite of comprehensive and interactive reports.
Spend Insights Effective business management in today’s environment requires on-demand access to ‘data rich’ information. The robust reporting tools and enhanced data can help give you a competitive advantage by allowing you to make decisions for the optimisation of working capital, operating efficiencies and cost reduction.
Flexibility Visa IntelliLink Spend Management is a cloud-based tool available 24/7 that allows administrators and cardholders to manage spend. Users have the flexibility to access anywhere and are well supported by the self service capabilities and access to ANZ and Visa’s Commercial Cards specialised teams.
Feature Available
Implementation Simple
Solution Template
Approval workflow Customisable
Issuer data Feeds Multiple issuers
Multiple data feeds Yes
GL Management Single
Expense types Unlimited
Reports Template
Scheduled reporting Yes
Tax Management Yes
FBT Management Yes
Out-of-pocket expenses Yes
Optical Character Recognition No
Receipt Imaging Yes
Email alerts Yes, unlimited
Self-service Yes, administrator managed
Customer online support Yes, by email

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