ANZ eManagement is a secure way for card administrators, authorised signatories and cardholders to manage Commercial Cards. Using a secure website, users can access online cardholder activity reports, statements, view transactions and request changes to card limits (where this functionality is enabled).

Benefits of ANZ eManagement

Features of ANZ eManagement Authorised signatories Card administrators Cardholders
Request a change to monthly spend, transaction, ATM and Over The Counter (OTC) limits Tick Tick Tick*
Approve or decline cardholder requests for changes Tick Cross Cross
Raise bulk maintenance requests Tick Tick Cross
Generate additional reporting on environmental impact, audit spend patterns and audit limit utilisation Tick Tick Cross
Store and access files in an online data repository Tick Tick Cross
Access up to 15 months of online statements for billing accounts Tick Tick Cross
Access up to 15 months of online cardholder activity reports Tick Tick Tick
Order damaged card replacements online Tick Tick Tick*
Close cards^ Tick Tick Tick*

*This is an optional feature you can elect when setting up eManagement.
^To report a card lost or stolen please contact ANZ lost or stolen cards on 1800 033 844.

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