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Insuring your company's assets is extremely important, but have you considered insuring the people and skills that make your company work? How would your company cope if one of its key people were to die suddenly, or become unable to work due to illness or injury? Apart from the personal shock, how would it affect your company's viability? Would your company have sufficient cash reserves to fill the vacancy with a quality temp while you look for a full time replacement? Would you be able to meet your customers' orders, or would they need to move to a competitor to have their orders filled?

ANZ can help you arrange insurance that can provide your company with a lump sum, or a benefit paid monthly, in the event that a key person dies or becomes unable to work due to an illness or injury. These funds can help to pay ongoing expenses while you fill the vacancy or compensate your company for possible loss of new and existing business.


Key person

A key person is a person who the success of the business is dependent on for their experience, initiative, skill, knowledge and drive. Key people are the intellectual assets of a business and may include:

  • managing directors
  • working directors/partners
  • financial controllers
  • computer programmers
  • specialist engineers/designers/researchers
  • sales managers
  • anyone with a unique ability on which your business relies.

Two types of key person insurance


  • Replace potential loss of income
  • Loss would be reflected in the company's profit and loss statement
  • Premiums may be tax deductible and proceeds are assessable for tax.


  • Replace loss of capital or repayment of debt and/or loss of goodwill
  • Loss would be reflected in the company's balance sheet
  • Premiums are non deductible and proceeds are usually not assessable for tax (exception is trauma cover).

Events covered

  • Death
  • Total and permanent disability
  • Trauma.


The sudden loss, via death or disability could have a significant financial impact on your business which may include:

  • disruption to trade
  • loss of new business
  • loss of knowledge
  • loss of clients
  • possible re-financing
  • decreased profits.

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This product/service is suitable for businesses of all sizes.