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Loans for import and export

A loan for import and export (also known as a trade finance loan) is a form of short-term working capital finance that allows both exporters and importers to finance their trade commitments on a transactional basis. Each trade transaction must be evidenced by appropriate trade documentation.

A trade finance loan can be used to support both domestic and cross-border trade transactions and is an advance of funds in either the domestic or foreign currency of the payment obligation.

Loans for import and export can be provided on a pre-shipment or post-shipment basis in order to match the importer’s or exporter’s financing requirements at the different stages of the trade transaction.


Benefits for importers

  • Access to funding/liquidity to match the exporter’s sales terms, or as required where an exporter’s sales terms are not sufficient
  • Potential to negotiate better commercial terms with exporters (e.g. reduced costs) and benefit from any early payment discounts offered by exporters

Benefits for exporters

  • Access to funding based on proven orders for the production and supply of the goods to importers
  • No missed business opportunities where importers require longer credit periods

More information

For more information on how ANZ can help you grow your business internationally please visit the ANZ Be Trade Ready site.