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ANZ Business Credit Facility

Business investment made easier

For the times when you require investment funding, the ANZ Business Credit Facility is the ideal answer. Whether you are thinking of equipment, shares, or property, this is a flexible solution which assists you in achieving your goals quicker, and doesn't put strain on your cash flow. The ANZ Business Credit Facility is a fully secured, revolving line of credit for short to medium-term investment. However, it is not designed for working capital purposes like a traditional overdraft. 

When you use the Business Credit Facility it's easier to manage your business assets. It helps you separate working capital from investment capital and enables you to run your business smoothly while also taking advantage of investment opportunities. Once approved, you can be secure in the knowledge that the ANZ Business Credit Facility will be there when you need it.

Borrowing via a Commercial Bill facility offers the flexibility to:

  • adjust the principal amount borrowed each rollover (or interest payment period) in line with business cash flow requirements, within a specified limit
  • manage the associated interest rate risk by applying a Structured Business Finance solution to the Commercial Bill borrowings.

How to apply

For businesses with turnover $5M to $40M:

1800 602 761 - 8am-8pm (AEST) weekdays

Contact your nearest Business Banker

For corporates & large corporates with turnover more than $40M:

Email Corporate Banking

1300 883 798

+61 3 9601 1260

Standard features

Facility type

A revolving line of credit.


Purpose Investment purposes e.g. shares, real estate, equipment.

Security required 

Secured by residential, commercial or rural property.

Loan term no minimum or maximum term

Loan Amount Minimum: $25,000. Maximum: Depends upon the security offered and your ability to service the facility.

Interest rate type

Variable interest rate

Repayment terms

No fixed or minimum monthly repayment arrangements.

Free transactions* 

13 free transactions, of which three can be withdrawals, and 15 free Cheque or Merchant Deposits per month. 

Ways to access your account

ANZ Internet Banking, ANZ Phone Banking, ATM's, EFTPOS, ANZ Branches and Cheque book.

If you'd like further details or a quote, please phone 13 13 14 or contact us online.

* A transaction is any deposit, or withdrawal or transfer. 'Cheque or Merchant Deposits' do not include electronic merchant settlements.

This product/service is generally suitable for businesses with turnover of $5 million to $40 million.