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Diversified industrials

ANZ’s diversified industrials industry specialists are organised along industry lines to deliver superior insight and innovative financial solutions.

Drawing on our business and segment knowledge, and backed by our product specialists, ANZ delivers industry and strategic analytics to help clients achieve their growth objectives.

We have representatives in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and the Pacific.


  • Building products: including timber, plastics, glass, plaster, tiles & paint 
  • Heavy materials: including iron, steel, aluminium, bricks, ceramics & concrete 
  • Chemical & associated manufacturing: including chemicals such as acids, dyes, explosives, salts and oxides 
  • Packaging, wood & paper products.           

Transport manufacturers and importers

  • Transport manufacturers & importers: including motor vehicles, caravans and trailers, seagoing vessels, rail vehicles, aircraft, motorcycles, bicycles, unusual terrain vehicles and transport equipment 
  • Captive transport manufacturing finance companies: including finance providers within a vehicle manufacturing company 
  • Transport operators: including operators of transport companies that deal with passengers or cargo across road, rail, water and air

Health and pharmaceuticals

  • Public and private hospitals 
  • Pharmaceuticals: manufacturers of medicines, drugs, herbal remedies, infant and feminine hygiene products 
  • Pharmacies 
  • Generic and specialised medical practices 
  • General and specialised health insurance 
  • Medical, surgical or dental supplies and equipment.