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    Transaction Banking

     ANZ Fast Deposit
    ANZ Fast Deposit Bag is a service suitable for customers who deposit a large amount of cash over-the-counter. ANZ Fast Deposit Bag allow you to lodge cash or cash and cheque deposits using ANZís specially designed tamper evident bags. You simply place your companyís cash in the cash pouch and cheques and deposit slips in the paper pouch of the tamper evident bag. Lodge the bag at your local branch for credit to your account the same day.

    This service provides a range of benefits to your business including:

    Significant time savings
    You are able to drop your cash and cheques off at an ANZ branch for counting and processing at a later time, allowing you more time to run your business.

    Enhanced Security
    The security of your money is our top priority. The tamper evident bag ensures that all transaction information is recorded and ANZ can detect if the bag has been tampered with. Additionally the bags contain a customer record, which you retain for your records and reconciliation.

    No additional cost for this service
    There are no additional cash counting charges, or charges for the bags.

    ANZ Fast Deposit Envelope is used for cheque deposits only. Take the completed envelope to an ANZ branch, tear off the customer record and retain for your records and reconciliation. You then drop the envelope in the ANZ Fast Deposit Box at your local branch.