Becoming a BPAY Biller

This page includes all the information you require to become an ANZ BPAY Biller. Simply follow our step-by-step guide and return all the required documents to ANZ.

Step by Step Guide
  1. Contact ANZ to become a BPAY biller and to be allocated a BPAY Biller code
  2. Create Customer Reference Numbers
  3. Update your invoices to include BPAY payment details
  4. Return completed documents to ANZ
  5. Congratulations! You are now a BPAY biller

Step by Step Guide (PDF 88kB)



This material has been provided for training purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice.

You should obtain independent legal advice and not act in reliance on this material.

BPAY and/or BPAY View is offered by over 160 Financial Institutions. Contact your financial institution to see if it offers BPAY and/or BPAY View and to get the BPAY Biller terms and conditions.

This is general advice - before using BPAY and/or BPAY View please review the BPAY Biller terms and conditions and consider whether BPAY and/or BPAY View is appropriate for your circumstances.

BPAY is a national bill payment service, offered by Australian financial institutions. It offers several benefits to you and your customers including:

  • Easier and faster reconciliations
  • Better cash flow
  • Trust and convenience

There are 5 simple steps to set up BPAY and become a BPAY Biller with ANZ.

Firstly contact ANZ to discuss your BPAY needs. You can do this through your relationship manager or by ringing 1300 103 213.

ANZ's on-boarding team will call you back to take you through the process and discuss your options further.

You'll then be sent the pre-filled application form, supporting guides and tools.

Step 2 is to create customer reference numbers or CRNs. A CRN is a unique number you allocate to each of your customers to identify who they are.

You have 2 options to create a CRN. You can either:

1)Use your customers' mobile numbers as a CRN or

2)Use ANZ's Check Digit Calculator that is sent to you

For businesses with fewer than 200 BPAY payments per month, the quickest and easiest way is to use your customer's mobile phone number as a CRN.

These can be put directly into the BPAY logo without additional steps

Alternatively if you decide not to use mobile numbers, or expect greater than 200 BPAY payments per month, you can create CRNs by using ANZ's Check Digit Calculator.

This tool takes your chosen customer identifier and automatically adds a check digit at the end of each CRN.

The Check Digit ensures that the number entered by your customer is correct and that you can easily reconcile payments that are received.

To use the ANZ Check Digit Calculator, firstly put in the length of your chosen reference number.

Then input each reference number in the left hand column.

The check digit is automatically calculated and the final BPAY CRN is displayed.

This is the number you can use in the BPAY logo on your invoice.

Step 3 is to update your invoices to include the BPAY logo and payment details.

After generating the CRNs, you will now need to insert the BPay logo into the invoice which will be sent out.

You can do this on your existing invoice, create a new invoice altogether or insert the BPAY logo via your Accounting Software invoice.

If you want to use your existing invoice, firstly copy and paste the logo, Customer Reference box and payment details that ANZ sends you into your existing invoice.

Ensure the BPAY logo is the correct size. This should be 8mm if using the horizontal logo format or 10mm high if using the vertical logo format. And if you opt for credit card

payment, add 'credit cards' to the text at the bottom of the logo. A guide is available in the resource section on ANZ's BPAY website.

You will also have to use the mail merge function in Microsoft Word to produce each invoice with the correct CRN.

If you don't have an existing Invoice, you can use the template that ANZ has sent you which has the BPAY logo included.

If you invoice through your Accounting Software, you will need to insert a BPay logo via your Accounting Software. Some guides are available upon request.

Step 4 is to simply return the completed documents to the ANZ Onboarding Team. These include...

  • The signed Application form
  • A list of 5 sample Customer Reference Numbers from step 2

And your sample Tax Invoice showing your BPay logo and Biller Code from step 3 so ANZ can check that your biller details have been set up correctly

Congratulations! You are now a BPAY Biller.

The ANZ Onboarding Team will review everything and may contact you if any changes are required. An email will be sent to you confirming you are setup and ready to send out your first BPAY invoice.

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Who is paying you ?

A Customer Reference Number (CRN) is the unique number you allocate to each of your customers to identify who they are. This is included in the BPAY logo every time you send an invoice.

There are two ways that you can produce a CRN.
  • BPAY register

    Using your customer's mobile number as the CRN

    For businesses with less than 200 BPAY payments per month, the quickest and easiest way is to use your customer's mobile phone number as a CRN. These can be put directly into the BPAY payment details on your invoices without additional steps.
  • payer enquiries

    Using an account or invoice number as the basis for the CRN

    Alternatively you can use an existing customer reference number (e.g. an account number). You will need to add an extra digit (known as a check digit) to the end of the customer reference.

What is a check digit?

How is a check digital created?

           - Generate a BPAY Customer Reference Number from an existing number or
           - Generate a file of BPAY Customer Reference Numbers from an existing file of reference numbers

ANZ BPAY CRN Calculator (XLS 972kB).