BPAY® offers fast, secure and convenient bill payments which covers over 95 per cent of the consumer banking market. Make it easy for your customers to pay you, and stay on top of bills, with one of Australia's most widely used payment solutions.

You'll benefit from easier reconciliation and reduced overheads while your customers will enjoy the security and flexibility of a bill payment service they already know and trust.

Meanwhile, you and your staff can spend more time doing what you do best - and less time sending, chasing and paying bills.

Benefits to your business
  • BPAY register

    Easier and faster reconciliations

    • Customers pay using their unique customer reference number (CRN), assigned by you and validated at the time of payment, so you know exactly who has paid you
    • You can also use their mobile number as their CRN to make it even easier
  • payer enquiries

    Better cash flow

    • Making it easier for your customers to pay you, encourages them to pay you sooner
    • All BPAY payments are cleared funds that are generally deposited to your account on the next banking business day1, with no risk of chargebacks or bounced cheques.
  • BPAY enquiries

    Trust and convenience for your customers

    • Offer your customers the ability to make secure payments online, from their mobiles or over the phone, 24/7, from one of Australia's most recognised and widely used payment solutions2
Is BPAY right for me ?

payer enquiries

If you answered yes to the two questions above, BPAY is a product that could suit your business.
1. For payments made prior to banking cut-off times of the institution through which the payment is made
2. Based on BPAY Usage and Attitude survey, 2015

® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518