Here's what you need to do

Call us right away. We're available 24/7.

Call from within Australia

Within Australia: 

1800 033 844

Call from overseas

From overseas:

+61 3 8699 6955

(to avoid charges please contact the local operator in the country you are in, from a landline, and request to make a reverse charge call to this number).

What to do next

Get a replacement card
You should get it within 5 working days, if you’re in Australia. If you’re overseas, we can courier it to you at a cost of $50.

Reset internet banking and phone banking payments
Please reset any regular payments as they won't transfer over to the new card number automatically.

Provide new details for direct debits
If you have any recurring transactions set up, you'll need to contact the company who charges your card and give them the new card details.

Update automatic payments
You'll need to update the details to make sure it is set up to pay to the new card number. If you’ve set up CardPay Direct (PDF 1.25MB), it will transfer over automatically.