You are most likely seeing this page because you clicked on a link in a fraudulent email sent to you in the hopes of stealing your personal details. In this case, ANZ’s team of security experts found and disabled this site before you could get to it.

What is phishing?

Phishing is the practice whereby a fraudster who is pretending to be from a legitimate organisation eg. ANZ, sends misleading emails requesting personal and financial details from unsuspecting people. Phishing is usually associated with spam whereby thousands of messages are sent out in the hope that a few people will be caught and supply their financial and personal (identity) details.

Please note: If you exercise caution in your online habits, banking online with ANZ is perfectly safe. ANZ will guarantee your money in the case of loss due to fraud.

How to protect yourself from online fraud.

To ensure you are protected against scammers, trust your instincts and always ask for more information. The following tips can ensure that you remain secure in your online banking.

Please notify ANZ immediately if you believe you are the victim of online fraud. If you believe your password has become known to a third party, contact ANZ Internet Banking Helpdesk immediately:

For more information about keeping safe online, visit ANZ Protect Your Banking, Australia or New Zealand.