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SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication and BIC stands for Bank Identifier Code; together they refer to the 8 to 11 character identification code of a Bank or Financial Institution.

When sending a payment overseas ANZ requires an active SWIFT/BIC to help identify the beneficiary Bank or Financial Institution.


Swift/BIC Code:Enter the beneficiary banks SWIFT/BIC Code (maximum length is between 8 to 11 characters) into the SWIFT/BIC Code field which is located in the Beneficiary Details section within Screen 1.
For example ANZ Australia's SWIFT/BIC Code is:

  • This can also be written as: ANZBAU3M
Please ensure you check with the beneficiary to confirm that the SWIFT/BIC is currently active.

The SWIFT/BIC Code field remains optional; however providing a SWIFT/BIC Code will assist processing.

To help identify the beneficiary bank it is mandatory to enter the beneficiary Bank Name in full and the beneficiary banks Branch Address in full within the applicable fields in Screen 1.

If you require assistance or information on Swift/BIC Code formats please contact the International Support Centre on 1800 681 683 (toll free) or +61 3 9277 2499 (from overseas) for further instructions.