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How to Pay Anyone - Lodgement Receipt

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When you have submitted your transfer, a lodgement receipt containing details of your transfer, lodgement and receipt numbers will be displayed.

The lodgement number is your confirmation that the request has been lodged for processing by ANZ, while the receipt number is confirmation that your transfer has been processed by ANZ

If you have made a future-dated transfer, you should log onto ANZ Internet Banking after the transfer date and click on the 'Past Internet Banking Payments/Transfers' option to confirm that your transfer has been processed.

From    Access Account
To       My Daughter
BSB  013011
Account number  3233445566
Account name  Miss J Citizen
Message/Reference       Happy Birthday
Amount       $20.00
Transfer instructions       Pay no earlier that 02/01/2001
Lodgement Number for enquiries ? 1234-5
Receipt Number ? 555555
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