We've taken the hassle out of switching to ANZ

Once you're set up with an ANZ account, you'll be given two options for moving over all your regular payments - You can use either our Assisted Switching Service or our Online Switching Tool

Assisted Service - ANZ can assist you in moving across some or all of your regular payments. To use our Assisted Switching Page, visit your nearest branch or get started online.

Online Switching Tool - The Online Switching Service is a simple online tool that will automatically generate a suite of letters for you to send to your employer and your regular billers. Using it is simple:

  • Gather your new account details. Make sure you've got the information about your new ANZ account on hand. This includes the account number, the BSB and the name on your account.
  • Prepare a list of all your regular payments. You can do this yourself or we can gather a list of the payments made with your old accounts. Simply visit a branch and request a 13 month listing. We can then contact your previous financial institution and generate a list for you.
  • Use the Online Switching Service. Once you have all these details on hand, you can use the Online Switching Tool. There are different versions of the tool according to which ANZ account you've got.

Start switching now

If you'd like some more assistance with switching your accounts, you can take advantage of our Assisted Switching Service.