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The industry divisions are based on the classifications used by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Not all industry divisions are available here, but many are. The industry divisions and groups used in the Industry Analyser are based on the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industry Classification system (ANZSIC). This system has been developed by the ABS to classify businesses according to their primary economic activity.

The Industry Analyser aims to provide a general means of looking at particular profiles of businesses within selected turnover ranges and in a given financial year.

These profiles are based on raw data supplied by the Australian Bureau of Statistics with the turnover ranges selected by ANZ. The data has been sourced from surveys of businesses conducted by the ABS and represents information for the financial year stated.

ANZ has used the raw data supplied by the ABS to calculate and present the information in the Industry Profile and Financial Ratio Profile tables. These tables have been designed to provide particular profiles of the average business for the selected turnover range and an industry average. The industry average represents the average of surveyed businesses within the turnover range of $50000 to $5 million.

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Important information:

The Industry Analyser does not purport to provide you with business or financial advice, nor should it be relied upon when making business or financial decisions. The circumstances of every business vary and you should always seek professional advice through your business advisor, financial advisor or accountant when planning or analysing your business.

To the extent permitted by law ANZ makes no warranty and has no liability in the respect of your use of the information presented within the Industry Analyser.

You should note that the profiles for both the selected turnover range and industry average are for a specific financial year. Due to many factors these profiles may vary significantly from year to year. Therefore, there may be a differential between your business profile and the industry average profile for any year. This may be due to factors affecting the industry average as a whole or it may because of factors affecting your own individual business.