We are committed to making our products, services, workplace and culture welcoming and supportive of people with a disability. ANZ understands that disability is relevant to every aspect of our business – customers, employees, markets, communities, suppliers and key stakeholders.

Accessibility and Inclusion Plan

ANZ’s Accessibility and Inclusion Plan (AIP) is focussed on improving accessibility and inclusion for our customers and employees and helping to change attitudes to people with disability in the community.

Opportunities for improvement which we will address through the 2016–2018 plan include:

Improving accessibility for customers in Australia and New Zealand

Community engagement in our key geographies 

Our focus on strengthening communities through partnerships to change attitudes to disability will continue. By listening and contributing to the discussion we can play an important role in empowering people with disability and their carers to participate fully in society.

Create a diverse and inclusive workforce in our key geographies 

We will continue to use Design for Dignity guidelines to ensure our workplaces are welcoming and accessible. Technology and innovation will play a key role in giving our people the tools and ways of working that allow them to be their best.

We will maintain our focus on creating an inclusive workplace for our employees with a particular emphasis on flexible working which is available to anyone, for any reason at ANZ.

ANZ Abilities Network

ANZ is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible bank for our customers and our staff. The ANZ Abilities Network is an important element of this commitment- through harnessing the unique perspectives of employees with disabilities, and their allies, we can continue to ensure ANZ’s products, services and faciltities are accessible for all. 

Established in 2005, the Abilities Network is a collection of volunteer employees from all over ANZ, who work together to advocate for better ways to support our people and customers who experience disability.

The network aims to foster inclusiveness and diversity, raise awareness of disability and accessibility, and represent employees on issues relating to disability.

Technology Accessibility Policy

Our Technology Accessibility Policy outlines a set of accessible design standards for browser based content, personal computers and desktop applications. Adherence to this policy will ensure that both employees and customers have the best experience when trying to either, carry out their work responsibilities or when using our internet services or ATM's.

The Technology Accessibility Policy ensures ANZ is compliant with the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act and the Australian Bankers' Association's Industry Standards on Accessibility of Electronic Banking, a set of voluntary standards which aims to improve the accessibility of electronic banking.

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