We believe in the inherent strength of a vibrant, diverse and inclusive workforce where the backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences of our people help us to forge strong connections with all our customers, innovate and make better decisions for our business.  

Employees  Our values

Our values and behaviours provide clear guidance on how we will work as individuals and as a team to attract people, customers and the respect of all our stakeholders. 

Employees  Human rights

Our human rights standards ‘Respecting People and Communities: ANZ’s Approach to Human Rights’, guide the way we treat our employees, promote a culture of respect with our customers and suppliers, and contribute to the communities in which we operate.

Employees  Diversity and inclusion

We are building a diverse and inclusive workplace to help us innovate, identify new markets, connect with customers and make more informed decisions.  

Employees  Health, safety and wellbeing

How we promote a healthy workforce, maintain a safe system of work and to proactively support the physical and emotional wellbeing of our employees. 

Employees  Training and development

We invest in the growth and development of our employees and provide opportunities to build careers globally.

Employees  Employee relations

How we develop strong relationships with our people and foster a workplace environment where employees are encouraged to express their ideas, opinions and concerns.