We engage with and invest in the communities where we operate to help build opportunity and prosperity. Our stakeholders expect us to act responsibly and ethically and we engage regularly with them in order to align our business activities with community expectations. Earning community trust is fundamental to building our reputation in the region and maintaining our social licence to operate.

Together with our employees, we support many community causes and organisations through our GIVE program, which stands for Giving, Investing, Volunteering and Emergency Relief.

Community  Giving                  

Enabling staff, customers and shareholders to make regular donations to our charity partners.

Community  Investing

Increasing the financial inclusion and capability of people across our region to promote the progression of individuals and development of communities through our financial literacy programs.

Community  Volunteering

We encourage our employees to donate their skills and time to community causes either as an individual or as part of a team.

Community  Emergency relief

We support relief and recovery efforts when disasters occur in countries where we operate.

Community  Community grants

We fund causes, projects and charities through three different community grants.

Community  Sponsorships

How we partner with organisations and events to make a positive difference.


For any community related enquiries please contact us by emailing