'Do what is right'
We are honest and ethical in everything we do. We are open and transparent and weigh up all aspects in making decisions.
'Work as one'

We work as one bank across all divisions and geographies, seamlessly, and we actively share our ideas and information across the organisation for the benefit of all stakeholders.

We ensure our priorities are focused on what’s good for the organisation and we foster open dialogue and 'straight talking'.

'Own your actions'
As individuals we each take responsibility for the way our stakeholders experience ANZ and we each make decisions in line with our economic, social, environmental and ethical responsibilities.
'Value every voice'

We treat all people with respect and dignity and we build trusted relationships with our diverse stakeholders.

We are passionate about supporting our customers, our communities and our people - their success is our success.

'Be your best'
We relentlessly pursue excellence and take pride in everything we do. We challenge our thinking and look beyond the obvious.

Our values are embedded through a range of support initiatives, including regular surveying of our employees about our values, culture and engagement, and reporting on and responding to these results, teaching our values in global employee induction, providing support material that enables line managers to promote our values in their teams and the alignment of our performance and recognition programs.