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We live in your world - June 2011

We live in your world - June 2011

Easier banking for people with disability

Easier banking for people with disability

We have taken further steps to make it easier for people with disability to access banking without having to seek help from someone else or travel to a branch.

Brett Scarr, our Technology Accessibility Analyst, has spent time at Vision Australia developing a guide to help the vision impaired access internet banking. “As someone who is vision impaired, the most liberating thing I can do is manage my money independently and securely without having to rely on someone else or travel to a branch,” Brett said.

Vision Australia CEO Gerard Menses acknowledged our work to support people with vision impairment to access employment saying, “ANZ’s commitment to accessibility and diversity in employment really makes a difference in assisting people who are blind or have low vision to break down barriers to full participation in life.”

Our Abilities Network - made up of volunteer staff who work together to find better ways to support our staff and customers who experience disability, also recently arranged for our ATM team to spend time in wheelchairs and see first-hand how our disabled customers use ATM’s.

ATM Business Development Manager Patrick Kelly said the experience helped build understanding of what it’s like for our customers in wheelchairs and how we can make it easier for them.

“It certainly gave a new insight into the challenge of using an ATM on uneven ground and how standard security routines, such as covering your hand while you enter you PIN are difficult.”

Our Disability Action Plan sets our programs and targets to help make ANZ a place that welcomes and supports customers and staff with disability.

Together with our public target to employ 35 people with disability, we are also committed to boosting information and services to encourage greater awareness and understanding of disability.

Our ‘Abilities Buddies’ Program helps smooth the way for new staff who have a disability and our ‘Willing and Able’ program is also providing mentoring and advice to assist students with disability as they transition to full-time employment. More than 37 senior executives and managers have volunteered to support the program.

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