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We live in your world - July 2011

We live in your world - July 2011

Working to embed human rights across our business

Working to embed human rights across our business

We are implementing a number of initiatives across our business to ‘operationalise’ our human rights standards and bring them to life for our staff, customers and suppliers.

The standards guide the way we treat our employees, promote a culture of respect with our customers and suppliers and contribute to the communities where we operate.  The standards were approved by our executive management committee and Board last year.

Initiatives taken to embed our human rights standards since their finalisation include:

  • Integrating them into our social and environmental training program to help staff responsible for making business lending decisions…Read more
  • Reviewing our ‘People policies’ to ensure they reflect the standards…Read more
  • Defining the minimum human rights standards and acceptable behaviours we expect of suppliers…Read more
  • In this context, we welcome the recent endorsement of the ‘Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights’ by the UN Human Rights Council. The Principles provide business with a framework for respecting and promoting human rights.  The Principles reflect and complement our approach.

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