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We live in your world - October 2010

We live in your world - October 2010

Customers shape goMoney banking innovation

Customers shape ANZ goMoney™ banking innovation

Customer feedback has helped shape a new Australian banking innovation that improves the ability to manage money via mobile phones.

ANZ goMoney™ customers securely log into their account using a four-digit pin to access mobile banking features such as account balances, funds transfer and Pay Anyone. The application also offers mobile-to-mobile payments so that customers can transfer funds to another Australian mobile, even if they don’t bank with ANZ.

Mobile payments are a ‘next wave’ of banking innovation and ANZ goMoney™ is a step toward the development of full mobile phone based banking service.  Over time, we believe ANZ goMoney™ can be extended to improve access to banking services and help build financial capability.

Peter Dalton, Group General Manager Innovation says customers didn’t just want an internet banking service.

“They wanted a simple, fast and secure way to access and manage their money. This feedback led us to develop several innovations in ANZ goMoney™, one example being the introduction of a  secure four-digit pin in place of the traditional approach of a username and password and to introduce ANZ goMoney’s™ mobile-to-mobile payment functionality,” he said.

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