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February 2015 edition: Mobile banking changing lives

We live in your world - February 2015

February 2015 edition: Mobile banking changing lives

Mobile banking changing lives

It used to take Solomon Islander Donald Beto days to collect his pay.

The journey would also cost the primary school teacher a large chunk of his salary.

“When I used to go and get my pay I stopped teaching my class,” Donald said. “My students felt ignored, but I would have to explain the situation to them that I had to go.”

For Donald and others like him our goMoney mobile banking app has changed all that – bringing the time taken to pick up his pay to less than an hour.

Donald has also seen a shift take place as his community has become more financially literate. “Mobile banking has reached into our community and helped people save money…even students are registering for access which means they can start saving early in life.”

Since we introduced mobile banking to the Solomon Islands and other parts of the Pacific in September 2013, 23,000 customers have registered for goMoney.

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