In a rapidly changing world, the opportunity to learn is more important than ever. We’re proud to provide ongoing learning opportunities to our people that foster their curiosity and help them succeed.

Of course, learning is a product of both success and failure. As an organisation, we encourage experimenting, creativity and calculated risk-taking. Together, these things promote adaptability, growth and discovery in our people.

Our people are encouraged to lead by example, creating a workplace where learning happens through:

Experience – in your current role and projects, by shadowing leaders and mentors, participating in stretch assignments and secondments.

Exposure – by collaborating with and learning from peers and mentors, networking, working with the community, reading and researching.

Environment and infrastructure – by working in a place with trusted and supportive leaders, with regular conversations, coaching and feedback, processes, systems and tools.

Education and training – by participating in formally delivered programs (classroom, virtual or digital), industry-based accreditation and continuing professional development.

We hire people who are passionate about growing both personally and professionally. Our learning and development opportunities aim to empower everyone to own their career and development.