Steve Alexander, Business Enablement Manager for ANZ Digital

The Digital team work flexibly within ANZ centre in Group Property’s ‘new ways of working’ approach called ‘Playbox’. Steve Alexander shares a story on how these new ways of flexible working are enabling better business outcomes;

“Flexi-space options were introduced as part of a new property concept called Playbox. This included sprint zones, portable walls, writeable walls (idea paint), movable furniture, portable TV’s and video conferencing. Three projects (each in a different phase) have been benefiting from these changes since 2014 involving 180 people across ANZ Digital, Retail PDA and Delivery Services.  The way teams interacted, communicated, made decisions and shared ideas significantly changed; delivering better certainty and improving cross functional team engagement”.

Darren Baird, Head of Customer Experience, Group Innovation

Darren Baird shares a story on how Playbox’s flexible ‘new ways of working’ are enabling innovative thinking and increased productivity for the Innovation team based in 55 Collins Street;

“Innovation is a team sport and requires a lot of communication and collaboration to get great products into the hands of our customers.
Our Flexi-space has dramatically improved the pace of delivery for Innovation because it enables communication in all kinds of forms.  People collaborate through video conference or shoulder to shoulder over a design on an idea wall.  We need speed to be competitive and our Flexi-space has been a key enabler of our agile approach”.

Jasmine McPhee, Business Performance Manager, ANZ Direct

ANZ Direct Service is running an exciting First Call Resolution Test and Learn pilot at 75 Dorcas Street.  Jasmine McPhee shares how Playbox’s new flexible ‘ways of working’ is supporting the team to improve customer service;

“The mobile Huddle furniture has created an interactive space that has encouraged collaboration and connectivity across teams. We have used this space to run daily Huddles during our First Call Resolution Test and Learn. The environment supports the initiative’s continuous learning and agile operating rhythm, with all Frontline Consultants feeling comfortable to share their success stories and ideas with their peers. Customer & Banker Experience Walls have been created at 75 Dorcas St to showcase 2015 as being 'The Year of the Customer'. Large walls have been prepared in Idea Paint which creates a white board surface. Each month ANZ Direct add colourful cartoon illustrations to showcase the initiatives being delivered to improve Customer and Banker experience. This is also proven to be a great platform to highlight customer success stories across the Frontline”.

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