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Career Progression at ANZ

Before you apply for the ANZ Australia Graduate Program, you'll need to work out what part of our business best suits your skills and interests. Use this page to explore our current programs and see how you can start contributing right from the start.

Australia Division

Where: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth
How long: 18 months

With over 16,000 employees serving around six million retail and commercial customers, the Australia Division is one of our largest. Across the division, you’ll find customer servicing businesses in:

  • Retail Distribution
  • Business & Private Banking
    • Business Banking (Emerging Corporate, Business Banking and Small Business)
    • Private Banking
    • Regional Agribusiness Business Banking
  • Operations
  • Customer Engagement
  • Digital and Customer Experience
  • Transformation

As an Australia Division Graduate, you will gain exposure to a wide range of experiences in how we service our customers across the businesses listed above.

Retail Distribution

Retail Distribution is the largest business within the Australia Division, with around 8,800 people supporting close to five million customers around Australia.

ANZ’s retail distribution channels include our extensive branch network, our contact centre (Australian Contact Centre), and specialist sales channels, which comprise of our Mobile Lenders, Mortgages Direct, Brokers, ATMs, Foreign Exchange and International payments. We seek to develop deeper relationships with customers through needs-based conversations via our market-leading A-Z Reviews. ​​​​​​​​​​

Business Banking

We know business owners are looking for banks to make their life easier, deliver simple, digital customer experiences and provide valued services to help them succeed. ​​​​​

Our customers range from start-ups to larger more complex trading companies while our team offer specialist skills and live in the communities we serve. This means, we have an intimate knowledge of our customers’ needs, their unique challenges and the financial solutions that will assist them.

Our culture and values are a critical ingredient in the success of our business. A winning strategy will never succeed without a winning culture. In a relationship based business our culture can become a tremendous source of competitive advantage. At ANZ our culture is anchored around our core values.

Our links with ANZ business support partners allow us to offer tailored financial solutions for particular customers and industries. Our business is geographically based, operating from business centres throughout metropolitan and regional Australia. 

All of our customers are relationship managed, with specific industry specialists managing customers in the Health, Property and Agribusiness sectors.

ANZ Private

ANZ Private caters to ANZ's highest net worth individuals and family groups, assisting them to manage, grow and preserve their assets. We provide our clients with a personalised relationship and holistic solutions tailored to their values, aspirations, needs, concerns and financial situation. Membership with ANZ Private provides access to:

  • A dedicated ANZ Private Wealth relationship team
  • A full suite of advice services
  • Flexible and exclusive wealth solutions (including a range of investment offerings)
  • Comprehensive banking solutions
  • Exclusive ANZ Private investment views and information

Where will you be located?

We have Australia Division based graduates across WA, QLD, NSW, SA & Victoria and the rotations are generally based out of the capital cities and surrounding suburbs.

What to expect in an Australia Division Graduate Program:

You will complete three 6 month rotations as a part of your graduate program where we will expose you to as many parts of our division as possible. You will complete a thorough induction into the Australia Division team and we we’ll support you in developing core capabilities across Analytics and Insights, Relationship Management, Digital, Process Engineering and Human Centred Design.

What makes a great Australia Division Graduate?

Our graduates are passionate about helping our customers meet their needs through creative ideas, data, research and problem solving whilst building business relationships along the way. We’re on the lookout for friendly, curious, self-motivated people who are keen to build their understanding of how a business operates. We take a lot of pride in our work, so collaboration, flexibility, agility and communication are important, as well as demonstrating a learning/growth mindset. We’re interested in people who flourish in a team environment but can break away from the pack and work on delivering creative solutions autonomously.

Candidate Suitability 

We’re looking for well-rounded graduates who are keen to join a fast-paced, rapidly transforming business environment. The best graduates to come through this program are from diverse backgrounds but have one thing in common: they’re passionate about our customers and committed to creating a great customer experience. 

Applications for our 2019 intake for Australia Division open in June.


Regional Agribusiness Business Banking

Location: Australia wide (typically in remote, regional business centres)

ANZ has been supporting the financial nee​ds of regional and rural Australia for more than 150 years. This experience has led to an understanding of the challenges, rewards and opportunities our customers face when running their Agribusiness. We’ve built up a team of professionals who specialise in Agribusiness and are experts in a number of industries.

ANZ is committed to being the leading bank in regional and rural Australia by sustaining rural communities now and in the years ahead.

The Regional Agribusiness Banking Graduate Program at ANZ is all about developing a pipeline of talent to support our commercial and agribusiness customers across regional Australia. This program aims to give participants the opportunity to develop an understanding of banking needs within the regional communities they live and work and the industries in which they operate.

Where will you be located?

ANZ have over 300 business centres located in regional Australia, so there are a lot of possible locations for you to complete your rotations in. You could be placed anywhere in Australia for a truly immersed regional experience. Simply let us know where you live when you complete your application and we can assess where the best experience will be taking into consideration your home location.

What to expect in a Regional Business Banking Program:

Graduates will spend the majority of time with one of our Regional Business Bankers (someone who’s in the know when it comes to this customer set) and can give you a good overview of this area of ANZ. 

It’s likely you’ll spend time both in and out of the office environment learning banking systems and processes coupled with some client or site visits. 

The work activities interns undertake will support the business to get results. You will have opportunities to work autonomously but also within and across teams and contribute to the delivery of projects to support Agribusiness banking staff. There are also networking and development events to attend during your program that will put you in touch with the right people to help build your knowledge of ANZ’s business and culture. 

What makes a great Regional Graduate at ANZ?

ANZ Regional Graduates will have a passion for wanting to find out more about banking in regional Australia and agribusiness. Successful people within our team take an end-to-end approach to their work and hold a genuine interest in assisting customers involved in agriculture, land and environment based businesses. If you’re after a ‘taste’ of this side of ANZ’s business and studying Agriculture, preferably with some finance/commerce subjects, then it’s perfect for you! If you have experience living or working regionally and have an insight into our customer’s world – you will love the experience of our Regional Business Banking Program.

Candidate Suitability 

Students who are studying towards commerce, business or agriculture related degrees may be well suited to a role in regional banking. We’re looking for candidates from a diverse educational background though so even if you’ve studied science, engineering or law we are keen to hear from you! What we’re really looking for are individuals who have a passion for the industry and a desire to help our customers and communities thrive.

If this sounds like the program for you, learn more about the application process



Where: Melbourne
How long: 24 months

The ANZ Finance team is vital to the success of the organisation. Our Finance teams are embedded within each division of our businesses to support our board and shareholders and to work closely with all areas of our organisation to help set the company’s business strategy. 

Our purpose in Finance is to drive ANZ’s financial performance by shaping strategy, allocating resources and ensuring decisions are based on facts. To achieve our purpose, we have established processes and procedures in place to ensure that the service we provide is consistent and scalable.

The ANZ Finance Graduate program is about developing tomorrow’s leaders, today. Our program is designed to grow you into a future leader through hands-on experience alongside a diverse team of finance experts.

You’ll receive training and networking opportunities, and receive support from your line manager, dedicated mentor and a buddy.

Our placement areas span across the enterprise and include rotations in Group Finance, Treasury and the Mergers & Acquisitions teams

Financial Control

Our Financial Control team is responsible for the numbers. They deliver regulatory and statutory reporting, manage regulatory relationships and provide technical accounting advice. The team also prepare monthly consolidated P&L and balance sheets, as well as managing financial governance and assurance.

Business Partners

Our Finance Business Partners provide strategic insight, proactive financial analysis and advice to businesses they support. They have an in-depth understanding of business performance and provide regular analysis and commentary. They’re also involved in developing business units’ country-specific strategic operating plans and forecasting.

Financial Planning and Analysis

Our Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) team deliver planning and forecasting based on business drivers and insightful reporting. The team provide in-depth analysis on our business and identify drivers. Our accountability and productivity is driven through their analysis and insight. Our FP&A team are also responsible for managing our existing investment slate and evaluating new capital.

Specialist Services

Specialist Services is made up of specialist areas like Group Tax and Project Accounting.

  • Group Tax provides taxation support to all areas of ANZ. They’re responsible for setting tax policy, managing relationships with revenue authorities and ensuring compliance with tax legislation.
  • Project Accounting is responsible for the preparation of financials for our projects’ governance body and for Executive Committee approved projects. Based on the input and direction given by key project and BAU Finance stakeholders, the team delivers project finance information such as monthly reports, forecasting, planning and analysis.


You will have the opportunity to rotate through four different areas every six months for the 24 month program.

Rotations give you the chance to be introduced to ANZ products, people and policy along with the opportunity to network and learn from peers and stakeholders. We pride ourselves on providing a graduate program that allows you to maximise opportunities for personal and professional growth as you move through different areas of ANZ Finance.

The areas where you’ll spend your rotations will be decided by many factors such as projects of interest, graduate capability and strengths, market influences and resourcing vacancies.

What makes a great Finance Graduate?

The ANZ Finance Graduate Program is all about embracing a curious mindset. If you have excellent quantitative analysis skills and an inquisitive mind, then this program is for you.

Successful ANZ Finance graduates are passionate about performing at their best and are curious in finding financial solutions for internal and external customers of Finance.

Strong capability in understanding and interpreting financial information and an understanding of financial business concepts and practice are highly regarded, but it's not all about numbers.

With the ability to translate and communicate solutions to non-technical audiences and key stakeholders within the bank, you’ll have a passion to ‘tell stories’ through your data, analysis and insights.

Having a big picture view of banking and finance will assist your success in this area by considering who and what your work will affect. High levels of adaptability, a continuous improvement mindset and a willingness to deal with constant change and challenges will set the scene for your success!

Our Finance program is highly sought after by graduates, so high achievers both academically and in other areas of life outside university are looked upon favourably by our leaders in this area of the bank.

Students who are studying, or have completed majors in the following areas with consistently high level grades will fit well into a Finance role at ANZ: Accounting, Finance, Economics, Econometrics, Business or Commerce.

A double degree is desirable, but not essential and a high grade point average will make for a competitive application in this program. 

Applications for our 2019 intake for Finance Division open in June.


Institutional Banking

Where: Sydney and Perth
How long: 18 months

The Institutional Division is one of our most dynamic and diverse areas. Its main focus is delivering world-class integrated solutions to our government, corporate and institutional clients across the globe. This involves working closely with our teams in New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and America.

As an Institutional graduate you’ll work with some of our best teams, focusing on developing an understanding of clients’ businesses and industries and providing solutions for their complex financial needs.

The program may have you working in:

  • Credit and Capital Management
  • Global Markets
  • Institutional Australia
  • Loans and Specialised Finance
  • Transaction Banking

Credit and Capital Management

Credit and Capital Management is a customer facing business within Institutional Division that:

  • Balances the requirements of our customers and the bank from a credit and capital perspective.
  • Delivers a consistent and efficient credit process to support our customers’ objectives and maintain the bank’s “licence to operate”
  • Builds strong, collaborative relationships with both internal and external stakeholders to convert great ideas and insight into reality.
  • Is a great place to learn banking and become the best banker one can be – it is a foundation for a strong banking career.
  • Rewards innovation and agility in an environment of continuing improvement and has a global and growth mindset.
  • Empowers and provides the freedom to act within boundaries in order to balance credit risk appetite, capital constraints and return objectives.

Institutional Australia

Our Institutional Australia team manages relationships with customers that have a presence in Australia and Papua New Guinea. The team leads the end-to-end customer experience across Australia, our largest Institutional market. With a focus on leveraging our network and growing connectivity with our International and New Zealand geographies, the team work collaboratively with our various product partners to help customers in Australia or PNG thrive.

Loans and Specialised Finance

Loans and Specialised Finance (L&SF) provide Institutional and Corporate clients with unique and innovative lending solutions across the Asia Pacific region. L&SF is recognised as a centre of excellence for its skills in specialist credit analysis, advisory services, structuring, execution and ongoing monitoring of customer lending transactions.

Project Finance

Project Finance is the financing of large-scale projects such as infrastructure, resources and public assets. It is usually based upon a non-recourse or limited recourse financial structure where project debt and equity used to finance the project are serviced by the cash flows generated from the project. Some examples of projects funded in this way include hospitals, schools, wind farms, power generation plants and iron ore mining.

Structured Export Finance

Structured Export Finance (SEF) is the provision of finance with the support of Export Credit Agencies (ECAs).  An ECA is an institution that acts as an intermediary between national governments and exporters to support and promote the export of goods and services. SEF is suited to clients who import/export high value capital equipment and associated services and is common in the Natural Resources, Utilities, Infrastructure and Diversified Industrial segments.

Leveraged & Acquisition Finance

Leveraged and Acquisition Finance (LAF), often called ‘event driven financing’, is the provision of financing solutions associated with a change in a company’s capital structure due to a merger, acquisition, IPO, large capital expansion or capital return. LAF provides non-recourse, senior debt financing to family, corporate and private equity clients in support of this event-driven activity.

Structured Asset Finance

Structured Asset Finance (SAF) is the provision of finance to clients to fund investment in capital goods.  SAF finances a broad range of assets including but not limited to general plant and machinery, telecommunications assets, aircraft, marine vessels, transportation assets, mobile mining equipment and power generation assets. SAF services Institutional, Corporate, and Commercial and Private Bank customers.

Sustainable Finance Solutions

Sustainable Finance Solutions provide funding to clients and industries in the transition to the low carbon economy. The key segments include Energy & Energy Storage; Transport; Water and Waste Management; Agriculture; and Information, Communications and Technology. ANZ is a market leader in this segment with a $15bn sustainability target by 2020.

Corporate Advisory

Corporate Advisory (CA) specialises in corporate merger, acquisition and project advisory services for clients in Asia, Australia and New Zealand with a focus on cross-border transactions into and out of the region. CA covers all sectors including retail, agriculture, media, resources, infrastructure and renewable energy.


Loan Syndications specialises in originating, structuring, underwriting and distributing syndicated loans to global investors on behalf of borrowers seeking to raise capital. A syndicated loan is essentially the same as any other bank credit facility, except that it:

  • Consolidates loan commitments from a group of banks
  • Treats lenders on an equal basis
  • Involves an agent in the day-to-day management of the transaction (see Agency Services below).

Transaction Banking

Joining Transaction Banking will offer you the opportunity to get involved in a digitally-minded, fast-paced environment using technology to facilitate next-generation experiences for our customers. Transaction Banking is one of the most dynamic areas of the bank. Its investment in new trends and technologies is constant. You’ll be working across innovative industry-wide projects supporting our customers’ working capital strategies and the ongoing digitisation of transactional solutions now and into the future.

  • Transaction Banking at ANZ is a global business where you will experience working alongside partners across our Asia-Pacific footprint.
  • Have the opportunity to define and deliver our strategic priorities within the evolving payments landscape in Australia.
  • Focused on providing specialist sales, product management and service expertise to assist clients with their day to day working capital, cash flow and global trade requirements
  • Culture of creativity to develop digital banking solutions for our Institutional clients (e.g. digital payments, big data, block chain, New Payments Platform etc.)
  • For us, digital is about more than apps. It’s about drawing on business knowledge and having an inquisitive mind that guides our customers on the journey of digital transformation.


Our program is designed to support, challenge and reward bankers and finance professionals. Through formal training, mentor support and established networks, you’ll gain the knowledge, skills and experience you need to grow your career.

Each rotation will introduce you to new people, products and new ways of working, and provide plenty of opportunity to learn from peers and stakeholders. By the end of the program, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge, contacts and experience to draw from. 

Plus, by taking into consideration your interests, capacity and strengths we’ll make sure you’re getting the personal and professional growth you need.

How to get the most out of the Institutional graduate program?

We believe that throwing yourself into new experiences is the best way to learn. So your program will have you working alongside our teams and taking ownership of your decisions.

If you grab opportunities with both hands, enjoy the networking events and take on the challenging work that will come your way, you’ll come out of this program with all the skills, knowledge and business contacts you need to kick off your career. We’ll give you the opportunities; your job is to take them.

What makes a great Institutional Graduate?

We’re looking for people who can make a difference, are independently-minded, yet collaborate with others for better outcomes. You must be hard-working, digitally savvy and keen to experience the challenges and rewards of our global business. People who are interested in what’s happening around the world and want to be part of building a business that gives back to its customers, employees, shareholders and communities alike.

While achieving high marks in a degree is a big plus, we’re looking for what you can bring to the table; what makes you, you. Community work, travel, sporting achievements, passion, interests and life experiences make for a well-rounded person and a competitive applicant.

Our graduate program offers a chance to build an exciting career. So if you’re about to graduate, or you already have, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

If this sounds like the program for you, learn more about the application process.



Where: Melbourne
How long: 18 months

“ANZ Technology is an innovative team helping to shape a world where people and communities thrive by embracing technology trends, adapting to emerging opportunities and delivering an exceptional service experience”

 Gerard Florian - Group Executive, Technology, ANZ.

It’s an exciting time at ANZ. In Technology at ANZ (and in many other parts of the bank) we’re adopting our ‘New Ways of Working’ which includes agile. We’re embracing this change to deliver better outcomes for customers and respond to their feedback much faster. It’s about trusting and investing in our people and empowering them to deliver their best.

Technology underpins every part of our business: from delivering ‘always on’ core banking systems, protecting customers from cyber criminals, developing new tools, apps and services to improve the customer and employee experience, and much, much more.

Our graduates complete rotations across a range of areas during the program, including:

  • Platform Services
  • Divisional Services
  • Enterprise Domains
  • Transformation Domain

Divisional Services

The domains in this group deliver end-to-end, world class products and services to our retail, corporate and commercial, global institutional customers across Australia, New Zealand and in our other markets.

Platform Services

The domains in this area provide support across a range of areas, each key to the bank’s success: Banking Services (such as Payments), Business Automation and Integration (think AI), Data and Analytics, Omni Channel (to drive a great and consistent customer experience) and Security (to protect our customers, employees and shareholders).

Enterprise Domains

The domains in this group are responsible for the employee experience, infrastructure as a service, technology operations, business management and architecture.

Transformation Domain

This domain is driving the changes needed to deliver on the bank’s Technology strategy which involves the changes to our ‘New Ways of Working’ as well as our shift to Information Technology as a Service (ITaaS) and the dramatic simplification of our architecture.

What makes a great Technology graduate?

We’re looking for people who have a passion for all things technology, understand the impact technology has on businesses today (and is likely to have on businesses in the future) and are excited by the ways in which technology can shape lives.

We’re after big-picture graduates who can use strong technical skills and critical thinking to solve problems in a team environment, or break away from the pack and work on their own.

If you have experience from part-time work, university projects, or volunteer work, that’s an added bonus.

Candidate Requirements

If you've studied any of the following, it's likely you have the skills we're looking for:

  • Bachelor of Computer Science or Information Science
  • A degree in Computer Engineering or Science with IT subjects
  • A degree in Information Systems/Information Technology.


ANZ Technology has over 5,000 staff located around the world. Which means your placements could take you anywhere from India to New Zealand.

Over the course of 18 months we’ll introduce you to new people, places, products and practices so you can develop a broad range of skills and experience.

We’ll give you opportunities to learn from peers and stakeholders alike. This means by the end of the program you’ll have comprehensive knowledge of how technology operates within a large corporation. 

If this sounds like the program for you, learn more about the application process.