We are no longer accepting new applications for the 2014/2015 ANZ Summer Intern Program.

Application process

Applying for the ANZ Summer Intern Program is simple. Before you begin your application, ensure that you've got all the required information on hand. See our application tips.

The application form asks you for several written responses, most importantly why you want to work at ANZ.

Applicants meeting the eligibility criteria will then progress to online assessment. The final stage will be attending an assessment centre.


Our Summer Intern Program is designed for students who are currently studying in their penultimate year of university. You are eligible to apply for the Program if you:

Application tips

The ANZ Summer Intern Program is competitive. Applicants who are most prepared will go the furthest. The following tips will help your preparation for the entire process:

And also:

Online assessments

If you have met the eligibility requirements you will progress through to our online assessment phase.

Tips for completing the online assessments:

Assessment Centre

If we're interested in progressing, we'll get in touch with you to ask you to attend a session at our Assessment Centre. At the Assessment Centre, there will be a variety of activities, as well as a one on one interview.

There will also be an opportunity for you to learn more about ANZ, and our graduate program, via a presentation and from interacting with current graduates and the graduate team.

Assessment Centre and interview tips: