“Save for my Future” package

With a minimum VND deposit of USD2,000 or equivalent in an ANZ account, ANZ is pleased to:

* Subject to meeting ANZ account opening requirements

Terms and conditions available upon application. Fees and charges apply. Ask us for details.

“Invest for my Future” package

With a minimum investment of USD20,000 or equivalent in an ANZ Certificate of Deposit, ANZ is pleased to:

* Subject to meeting ANZ account opening requirements

Terms and conditions available upon application. Fees and charges apply. Ask us for details.

Do you know that ANZ Vietnam is the only bank in Vietnam which can allow you to pay tuition fees directly to most Australian universities and schools via BPAY®, and ensure that no fees are charged in Australia to receive overseas telegraphic transfers? How much are you paying now?

Banking made easy for parents of international students

Using ANZ will give parents peace of mind at a time. Think of the benefits of being able to speak to the same bank at home in Vietnam and in Australia and New Zealand.

What to do now? Take advantage of the offers currently available from ANZ.

  1. Call ANZ to learn how much you could be earning on an ANZ Certificate of Deposit or how you can save with an ANZ Progress Saver or ANZ Online Saver account.
  2. Come in and open an ANZ account.
  3. Start saving today, or top up your deposit or investment any time you like.

Investing and saving with an Australian bank such as ANZ just may help you when it comes to time to apply for your Australian visa.

What to do a month before your child leaves home

  1. Let us know how you want to pay tuition fees. If you've taken advantage of our “Invest for my Future” package we'll make your first tuition fee payment for free via telegraphic transfer or BPAY® if your child is studying in Australia. For customers that have opted for the ANZ “Save for my Future” package, we'll still only charge USD10* for tuition fee payments.
  2. Set up a regular payment for living expenses. For both “Invest for my Future” and “Save for my Future” customers we'll only charge USD10* to make regular telegraphic transfers to your children. Plus, if you've established a regular payment, we'll look after your payments automatically every month - or as often as you like.

* Fees and charges may apply for payments to countries other than Australia. All fees shown are current as at 01/08/2007 and are subject to change.

ANZ makes banking for parents of international students simple and convenient.

Banking made easy for students

Studying overseas is a great adventure which needs a lot of planning. Let ANZ take care of it now. To help we have put together a simple process to help you get set up.

A month before you leave Vietnam

A month before you leave Vietnam, visit ANZ in Vietnam to complete an Australian or New Zealand bank account opening form. We will have your account opened* within three business days† and will let you know your new account number and the branch details within five business days.

When you arrive in Australia or New Zealand.

Once you arrive in Australia or New Zealand you'll need to visit your ANZ branch to be identified and have your new bank account activated for withdrawals. We'll verify your identity by reviewing certain identity documents such as your original passport and your student visa. Please remember to take these documents with you to the branch.

If you wish, at the same time we'll order your debit card, register you for ANZ Phone and Internet Banking, and answer any other questions you might have.

The bank account we'll open for you in Australia is an ANZ Access Advantage Account and, in New Zealand, an ANZ Student Account. Both accounts will have the monthly account servicing fee waived, and you'll also get unlimited free transactions from ANZ ATMs, EFTPOS, and once registered, ANZ Phone and Internet Banking.

* To be eligible for student discounts you must be able to present your Australian or New Zealand Student Card when activating your account, or as soon as you have it.

Helpful contact numbers in Australia

General enquiries from within Australia: 13 13 14
General enquiries from overseas: +613 9683 9999

Helpful contact numbers in New Zealand

General enquiries from within New Zealand: 0800 103 123
General enquiries from overseas: +64 4 472 7123

® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518