ANZ global

As one of the largest companies in Australia, our values help build a sustainable future for our business, shareholders, staff, customers and communities. Our business serves more than six million customers and our assets are worth $293 billion. We employ more than 30,000 people and are represented in our primary markets of Australia and New Zealand, as well as Asia, the Pacific, the UK, Europe and the United States.

ANZ’s values

ANZ in Vietnam

Since the opening of our first branch in Hanoi in 1993 as the earliest English speaking bank, ANZ Vietnam have grown our business as well as number of employees dramatically from 28 to 550 plus to date.

ANZ Vietnam has principles, policies and practices that create a positive environment for our people. We value and reward open communication and workplace relationships that are based on integrity and trust.

We listen to our people through our Staff Engagement Survey and strive hard to improve our engagement scores. We promote diversity & value people’s difference. We encourage employees to be their true selves at work. We share workloads and difficulties as well as joys and laughs, inside and outside the bank. We are empowered to make decision within our own responsible area.

At ANZ Vietnam, we embrace our ANZ global Breakout cultural transformation program - which builds a vibrant, energetic and high-performing culture where ANZ’s values are the basis for the actions we take and decisions we make each day.

*Unless otherwise stated, all figures are accurate as at 01/03/2009.

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