Features of An Phúc Trọn Đời Ưu Việt:

1. Flexible benefit options of Death & Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)1
An Phúc Trọn Đời Ưu Việt offers customers two different options to meet their particular needs.

Level Death Benefit – Prioritize the saving factor: customers will receive the benefit equal to 100% current Sum Assured or Account Value (whichever is greater) when the insured event happens.

Increasing Death Benefit – Prioritize the protection factor: customers will receive the sum of 100% current Sum Assured and Account Value upon the insured event happens.

In addition, An Phúc Trọn Đời Ưu Việt offers customers the flexibilities to change the insurance coverage as well as adjust the financial plans in accordance with their individual needs of each stage of life by switching the insurance benefit options or adding rider benefits in line with the conditions prescribed under the Terms and Conditions of this product.

2. Benefit to increase Sum Assured upon key life events

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An Phúc Trọn Đời Ưu Việt ensures customers to be entitled to increase current Sum Assured up to 25% upon the events of getting married or having new born child without medical underwriting. This benefit allows customers to optimize their insurance policy to enjoy the enhanced financial protection2.

3. Benefit for non-smokers
AIA will pay an extra bonus 10% of current Sum Assured in case the customers who are over 15 years old and non-smoking die.

4. Benefit for full payments in due time
If premiums are paid in due time the policy shall automatically be awarded an extra accidental death benefit (before age 65) equivalent to 100% of the current Sum Assured. This extra coverage shall be given for free (no cost of insurance for the free coverage).

5. Benefit to enjoy cash advance
Upon the diagnosis of Cancer of the Life Assured before attaining age of 65, the Company shall advance 25% of current Sum Assured3.

6. Partial withdrawal benefit from the Account Value
In order to timely support the urgent financial needs; customers can withdraw from the Account Value provided that the policy has been in enforced at least 2 years.

7. Benefit to enjoy investment returns
During the Policy term of An Phúc Trọn Đời Ưu Việt, interest will be credited to Account Value. In all cases, the announced interest rate shall not lower than the guaranteed interest rate of 5%/year in the first 2 year; 4.5% in the next 2 years, 4%, 3.5%, 3%, 2% in 5th until 8th Policy year respectively; and 2% from 9th Policy year and onwards. The Company commits to perform prudent investment policy in stability income in order to ensure this guaranteed interest rate.

8. Benefit to enjoy Loyalty Bonus
On the 10th policy Anniversary, a Loyalty Bonus equal to 100% of the Total Calculated Bonus Amount4 will be allocated to the Protection Account. Similarly, on the 15th and 20th policy Anniversary, a Loyalty Bonus will be equal to 10% of the Total Calculated Bonus Amount. In order to enjoy this benefit, customers have to pay full Protection Premium at every Premium Due Date in the preceding years.

9. Maturity Benefit
Upon the Maturity of the policy, customers will receive the whole Account Value.

Basic Terminologies

Protection premium: the amount is defined and chosen by customers in line with their needs, declared under the application form and paid at every premium due date according to the chosen payment schedule.

Saving premium: the remaining premium after fully paid the annual Protection premium and other due date rider premiums (if any).

Allocation fee:  the fee is deducted from the Protection premium and Saving premium at every premium payment, before allocated to Account Value. The allocation fee is a percentage of Protection premium and Saving premium as follows:

Benefit to enjoy investment returns.
Policy Year 1 2 3 4 5
Protection premium 90% 80% 30% 20% 1.5%
Saving premium 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%

Cost of insurance: is the cost used to pay insurance benefits (including death and TPD benefit).

Policy Administration Fee: is the cost to maintain policy and monthly deductible. Currently, the cost is 25.000VND per month.

Fund Management Fee: is the cost for Fund Management. The Company will deduct the Fund Management fee up to 2% of the total asset value of universal life fund per year.

Partial Withdrawal Charge: not applicable

Surrender charge: not applicable

Protection Account Value: is the amount which is accumulated from allocated Protection Premium plus interest after deducting the Cost of Insurance and monthly Policy Administration Fee.

Saving Account Value: is the amount which is accumulated from allocated Saving Premium plus interest after deducting the Cost of Insurance and monthly Policy Administration Fee (if any).

Account value: Sum of Protection account value and Saving account value.

Interest Crediting Rate: is the interest earned from the actual performance of Universal Life Fund after deducting Fund Management Fee, which is applicable for calculating interest of Account Value.

Good to Know
Age of entry: from 30 days old to 65 years old
Expiry age: 100 years old
Policy term: 100 years old
Premium payment: To ensure better implementation of financial plan, customers need to pay premiums as schedule. In the first four years, the chosen Protection Premium is the minimum premium that must be paid in full.
Premium frequency: Annually, Semi-Annually, Quarterly and Monthly.

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1. Applicable when the insured event occurs before the age of 70.
2. Only applicable to policies issued with standard conditions and maximum two (2) times during the policy term.
3. Deductible when paying out the Maturity benefit, Death benefits or Disability or Total and Permanent Benefit or Terminate the Policy before the Maturity.
4. Total Calculated Bonus Amount is total interest accumulated into Protection Account at 10th Anniversary Date. Accordingly, the total interest accumulated at these policy years will be equal to 50% Accumulated interest credit accrued to Protection Account Value in the preceding 5 policy ears.

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