ANZ SPOT – All year-round privileges with your ANZ cards

ANZ Spot

Hundreds of merchant offers on shopping, dining, travel, health and well-being are waiting for you!. Just use your ANZ Debit cards at over 400 ANZ SPOT merchants in Vietnam and around the world, you will enjoy these great rewards instantly, all year-round!

ANZ Spot privileges and benefits

To find out more, call the ANZ contact centre or get answers to common questions.

  • Easy and convenient payment for online or phone transactions.
  • Acceptance at over 60 thousands POS in Vietnam and over 30 millions Visa locations worldwide.
  • Account inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the ANZ cards contact centre.
  • High secure and safe:
    • Transactions on card are monitored 24/24 to protect you from fraud transactions.
    • Suspected transactions will be informed to cardholder right away for immediate assistance.


Your ultimate peace of mind with SMS transaction alert on your ANZ Visa Debit Card

Starting from 21 July 2015*

You will enjoy the all-new SMS Alert Service** for your ANZ Visa Debit Card transactions. The SMS notification will timely alert all transactions of your ANZ Debit card  on your registered mobile number at ANZ and hence protect you against any fraudulent activity on your card.

Please call the 24-hour ANZ Card Center at 1900 1276 (ext 2) to update your mobile number or opt out of receiving this SMS Transaction Alert service.

*A monthly service charge of VND 8,000 will be applied on each of your ANZ Visa Debit Card from 01 September 2015.
**SMS notification will arrive within maximum 10 minutes after your transaction is made.