Feel secure with ANZ Credit Card SMS Alert!

SMS Alert

Securely manage your spending with ANZ Credit Card. Get SMS Alert per every transaction and enjoy peace of mind from unauthorised transactions and fraudulent activity.

Via your registered mobile for ANZ Credit Card, you will be notified for every transaction made, either retail or cash withdrawal, within 5 minutes.

Monthly service charge of VND8,000 apply, except you opt out the service by calling 1900 1276 ext.2. The charge will be upfront every quarter and pro-rate charge will be refunded from the month you opt out.

Easy and convenient way to get Credit Card information at your fingertips with ANZ SMS Service.

Activate your card, check your Credit Card balance and status on the go with free SMS banking Service.

ANZ SMS Banking is a smart way to access your Credit Card account whenever you want. You can now activate your credit card, keep track of your beginning Credit Card balance, minimum amount due and payment due date with our 24x7 SMS Center.

How to text:

SMS To get
Text ACT <Your card limit> to 8069 To activate your Credit Card
Example: Text ACT 10000000 to 8069
Text BAL to 8069 Your daily Credit Card outstanding balance
Text DUE to 8069 Your due amount, due date and minimum due amount
Text SO CC to 8069 Promotion offers of Credit Card